Sports Results

Sports Results 11 February 2020


It was a another set of very good results for the five team participating on Friday. Special mention to the U15B team who narrowly lost 11-10 to St John’s U15A

Team Opposition Result Score
1st Epworth Won 19 – 12
U16A TWC 16A Won 28 – 12
U16B St Mary’s 16B Won 14 – 1
U15A Epworth 15A Won 20 – 9
U15A TWC Won 23 – 12
U14A Epworth Won 26 – 6



It was a busy week for the swimmers, as they competed in two gala’s last week.

At the Independent girls gala we finished 5th out of 7 and 4th at the GHS night gala on Friday.

The Independent Girls Gala
7th Epworth 63pts
6th TWC 72pts
5th St Anne’s 82pts
4th St Mary’s Kloof 84pts
3rd St John’s 103pts
2nd DBN Girls College 124pts
1st Fatima 151pts
The GHS Night Gala
5th GHS 80pts
4th St Anne’s 166pts
3rd Epworth 180pts
2nd St John’s 184pts
1st TWC 200pts

Well done to Ella Karan who completed the 8 mile at the Midmar swimming event this past weekend.