Testimonials 2

  • Testimonial

    Ghemma Wylde

    Ghemma Wylde, Head of Visual Art

    I have been so warmly and sincerely welcomed into the school by the staff and by the girls. In the first week it was very evident that the school is committed to creating a space in which every person here feels like they belong and are valued. I feel fortunate to be part of a school that is so deliberate in this endeavour. I have joined a thriving department in a very beautiful space and I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone better.

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    Megan Randall

    Megan Randall, Sports Coordinator

    I have been working here for almost 20 years and I really am part of the furniture. The facilities and schooling are top-notch, and the teaching benefits are amazing. St Anne’s is a school that has heart. The girls are special people and never fail to make me proud, especially on the sports field. I am so glad I was able to give my child the benefit of having her schooling here and, as for working here… well, I think that 20 years says it all.

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    Thandeka Mkhize

    Thandeka Mkhize, Stores Clerk

    I started working at St Anne’s in 2009, working as a Gardener. To me working at St Anne’s I’ll say it is a privilege, we love each other here. There are different opportunities for everyone. In 2011 I started studying through Unisa using a St Anne’s bursary and I got my Drivers Licence through St Anne’s. 2016 I was promoted to be a Stores Clerk, I enjoy and love my job. I’m blessed to be at St Anne’s.

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    Angel Radebe

    Angel Radebe, San Assistant

    Working at St Anne's has been a true blessing for me. I have met beautiful souls that have taught me a lot but also I have been able to play an interesting role in shaping the young ladies that come to the school. I feel privileged to be apart of such a diverse and friendly community. Everyone is always so cheerful and kind that coming to work is always interesting and memorable.