18 September 2020

Dear St Anne’s Community,

The Board has been working on succession planning for the Head of the College for several years. This included the recruitment of the two Deputy Heads,  Mrs Debbie Martin and Mr Trevor van Niekerk and the additional extension of Mr David Arguile’s term of office.  The Board believes that the succession planning process has been successful and reflecting on the commencement of our current transformation process the time is right to announce the succession from Mr Arguile to Mrs Martin at the end of the current academic year.  We sincerely thank Mr Arguile for his significant service to our school, and wish Mrs Arguile and him all of God’s blessings for their future.

St Anne’s is fortunate to have an internal candidate for College Head, who is both the first woman head in many years and an Old Girl. We are also blessed to have Mr van Niekerk’s endorsement of Mrs Martin’s appointment. Continuity in academic excellence continues to be paramount during the reformulation of the school’s strategy and transformation. The process to find and appoint a successor as Deputy Head, Pastoral Care to Mrs Martin will commence immediately with employment equity imperatives of fundamental importance to the process.

The Board understands that change can be difficult, and that the COVID pandemic and racism challenges have been unsettling. We nevertheless trust that the school community will join the Board in wishing Mrs Martin our warmest congratulations and prayers for success. Our school is at an exciting phase of its history with a desire to recalibrate priorities for the future that will restore unity and set our school on its next trajectory of success.

Finally, it is important to note that, the Grade 8 enrolment for 2021 is again full, and St Anne’s has another waiting list of young women wanting to attend our school. This demand for places at St Anne’s is noteworthy given the financial crisis and COVID pandemic. Although the 2020 operating and capital budget has been re-worked, the school’s financial situation remains sound. The willingness and ability of our staff to embrace remote and physical teaching has delivered an academic service at the level of excellence to which our community is accustomed.

Reflect Embrace Reach Out

Kari Greene

Chair of the Board

Board members

Mr. Brendan Bournes-Harper, Mr. Peter Ducasse, Dr Graham Herbert, The Venerable Paul Mosdell, Dr Ulime Moseneke, Mrs. Grathel Motau, Mr. Andrew Waller