11 September 2020

Dear St Anne’s Community

The Board of Governors has been working tirelessly with the Nelson Mandela Foundation to ensure that the Transformation process outlined in our letter of 15 August 2020 is implemented urgently. With healing and restoration in mind, we are confident that we have taken the necessary time and effort to ensure that the process will be undertaken with sensitivity and due consideration of the interests of the St Anne’s Community.

To that effect, we have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with the NMF, which outlines our key terms of engagement. A Joint Oversight Committee, meeting at least once a month, will direct the transformation process. This Committee is guided by the goal of building a model for a Christian girl’s high school in twenty-first century South Africa for St Anne’s. The Committee is comprised of the 4 members of the Board’s Transformation sub-Committee, 3 representatives from the NMF and 2 representatives of the College and will be chaired by the NMF.

You would have received requests to complete the Community Wide Surveys as part of the Listening “Tour” of the process. This part of the process will enable us to establish effective and efficient Stakeholder Focus Group sessions which will follow thereafter. We humbly request and encourage your full participation in this process.

Furthermore, there are currently two board vacancies available and an invitation for nominations is open, the details can be found on the College’s website. We urge you to nominate individuals who have the requisite qualifications and experience, who are service orientated and are representative of the demographics supportive of the College’s transformation. This nomination process will be facilitated by the Social and Ethics subcommittee of the Board.

We understand that this process has taken much longer than most of our Community had anticipated, we believe that the time spent was necessary to secure a solid foundation that will allow for meaningful healing and restoration.

We thank you for your patience and input and look forward to co-operation and engagement in this important process.

Mrs. Kari Greene
Chairperson of the Board