Working at St Anne’s

The high standards in all spheres at St Anne’s can be attributed to our professional staff. With a culture founded on passion and proficiency, the team at St Anne’s combines attitude and ability to create a nurturing, stimulating school environment.




Lynn Chemaly
 Working at St Anne’s Diocesan College is an absolute gift. Every day I get to drive into a beautiful environment and walk to my office to the soundtrack of cheerful greetings from girls and staff alike. What I truly appreciate about St Anne’s girls is their spirit and willingness to engage in challenges. The higher you set the benchmark and the trickier the process, the harder the girls will work to achieve it. A positive work ethic, good manners, fierce determination, and humanitarian kindness are all values that I witness every day at St Anne’s. I am very proud to be a part of this special community. 
Corné Oelofsen
 Life is an opportunity that should be grabbed with both hands, in good times and in the tough times. This is how I view St Anne’s - a school where you can embrace enormous opportunities. I get the chance to extend myself in my teaching, as well as in my own wellbeing. The environment is rife with opportunities to connect with people in a meaningful way, to reflect on a rich heritage of education and to see where technology is taking the education of the future. I truly feel blessed to be part of such a dynamic team! 
Trish Wilson
 I have worked in many places, both within and outside SA (Malawi, London, Egypt, Thailand), and St Anne’s Diocesan College is most definitely THE ultimate employer of choice! The staff benefits are awesome. 
Jenna McKenzie
 Not many people can honestly say ‘I love my job’, and I am so grateful that this is true for me. I feel very blessed to be part of the St Anne’s community and to work in such a caring environment. 
Dum’sani Elvis Mshengu
 I am very happy to be working at St Anne’s, everybody here is welcoming and friendly, even the managers!