Geared towards providing a relevant learnership experience for student teachers, the St Anne’s Internship Programme gives participants an unparalleled opportunity to get hands-on teaching experience within an exceptional school model

The St Anne’s Internship Programme offers school-based work experience which involves and prepares a student for teaching at South African schools. Fully-integrated into St Anne’s life, our interns benefit from a partnership with St Anne’s – an institution exemplifying the sound ethos of a good school and an efficient school environment.

Giving students the chance to continue with their studies and simultaneously gain invaluable experience within the St Anne’s community, the Internship Programme stands to shape the careers of future teachers.

Interns should be:
  • either a third-year student or a student who is at least 20 years of age
  • pursuing or intending to pursue a career in teaching or within a school environment
  • female students who are prepared to live in single accommodation on campus, as their responsibilities will include duties within the boarding houses
Academic, boarding, and general duties shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
  • observation and supervision of appointed classes, including some teaching and assistant teaching responsibility. The expectation is for the intern to spend two hours a day in the classroom and attend to one other general admin responsibility
  • a minimum of one hour of co-curricular involvement per week
  • attendance of our weekly assembly and chapel services
  • attendance at staff meetings, where possible
  • involvement in any other activity that is compulsory for full-time academic staff members
  • attend a weekly meeting with both Head of Department / subject mentor / Deputy Head / Housemother and Intern Programme Co-ordinator
  • weekly breakfast and supper duty
  • assistance in other areas of boarding life should the need arise
  • assistance in the house should a Housemother become ill or unable to work
  • working in conjunction with the Housemother on certain evening occasions
  • helping with chaperon duties during the week and on Saturdays
  • integration into the house and attendance at inter-house events.
An intern is seen as a member of the academic staff. It is crucial, therefore, that her conduct be professional at all times. This includes developing appropriate relationships with girls, upholding the high standards and good name of the school, and observing confidentiality policies. When not engaged in classroom, administrative activities or house duties, the intern will be expected to work on her assignments.


Positions are advertised on the St Anne’s and ISASA websites when vacancies arise.