Rev Sue read from Isaiah 43:5: “Do not be afraid: the Lord is with you”. We all deal with fear in different ways and we need to recognize it in ourselves. Being fearful robs us of rest, peace and compassion and it bring an imagined future into our minds. This future is not real, but we allow it to become reality and it locks us in. Rev Sue suggested ways of dealing with fear and how we can disempower it. These include: acknowledging and naming our fear and becoming present to the moment. In this way we can enjoy every moment, knowing that He is with us. Another important thing we can do is to remember those less fortunate than ourselves which helps give us perspective on our fear. In the current fear of COVID-19, it helps us to pray for those who are at greater risk, i.e. those from poor communities and those with compromised immune systems. We can also find out more about the disease from people who are not opinionated but who are knowledgeable. We can also take our fears to God, remembering that He is Immanuel which means “God is with us.”