This morning, in the first virtual Chapel Service, Rev Sue shared a message of hope with girls and staff via our Microsoft Stream channel. She welcomed any comments or questions via email. Rev Sue focused on how Jesus saw the world when He emerged after His ‘Lockdown’. She showed a beautiful image of what Jesus may have seen when he rose in the tomb. He had been through the depth of despair, death itself, but even that had ended, and that gives us a lot of hope at this time. Jesus then went to visit his disciples who were also in ‘Lockdown’ from fear of the Jewish authorities and prayed for peace to be with them. Rev Sue reminded the girls that Jesus has walked with people through difficulties and through pandemics throughout history. She asked the girls to imagine His peace entering them today, and reminded them that He will walk with them too at this time. He is with us always and is as close as the air that we breathe. Rev’s message ended with a .B (dot be) moment – a time to stop and be in the present – and then the girls were invited to pray The Grace together.