Rev Susan’s topic this morning was “Friendship Matters” – we are created for relationships with others. This year, 99 girls from 42 different schools have joined the College and these girls are all looking for that special friend. When we find a friend we become more settled, but finding friends and forming strong friendships is a journey. It is important to remember that to find a friend you need to be a friend, and as we grow in a relationship we begin to know that person better. As we do this, we allow more of ourselves to show. We all fear judgement by others and being judgmental is a barrier to relationships. Becoming vulnerable and sharing inner thoughts and feelings can lead to love and acceptance. We are also made for relationship with God. We get to know God Himself by reading stories about Jesus, who is God, and through prayer. Jesus is compassionate, loving and trustworthy and as we grow in vulnerability we begin to share our deepest selves with God, being honest with God and with ourselves. We get to a place of love and acceptance of ourselves and then we can become instruments of God’s love in the world.