This morning’s virtual Chapel Service was compiled by the girls of Frances Baines House. Their message was “Finding Hope and Positivity in Challenging Times”. Hope can be defined as a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen, and it is what gets us through each day, despite the challenges we face, and to see the best in the world. The girls presented some ideas of how to maintain hope and stay positive. One idea is to keep a ‘jar of hope’ and each day you write down one positive thing that happened, or something that brings joy, and pop it in the jar to remind you of all that is good. The FB girls also encouraged us not to allow other people’s stress to spill over in to our own lives, nor to compare ourselves to others or their achievements. We should also do away with the “what ifs” in our lives and focus on living in the present moment. The service ended with a prayer for all those experiencing anxiety and for those writing exams and tests today.