In Chapel


Rev Sue welcomed the Grade 9 and 10 girls to Chapel today whilst the remaining grades watched in their classrooms. She posed the question: “Are you up for the challenge of the rest of the term and all that it may bring?”
In answering this question, Rev said that to cope with difficulties and challenges that may come, we should allow ourselves to zoom out from our focus on ourselves and to allow the Holy Spirit to work in us so that we may be love poured out for the world. Using the analogy of the vine from John Chapter 15, Rev explained that the vine is the perfect picture of the Trinity. God plants the seed of the vine who is Jesus, the rain and water, representing the Spirit, go down into the roots and cause the vine to grow and bear fruit. God wants the whole world to know of His love and being a disciple of Jesus focuses on our relationship with Jesus so that His love may flow out from us to others.