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St Anne’s College has embraced social responsibility as crucial to the development of a pupil, a school, a community and a nation. This belief has been translated into the formal structure of STEPP: the St Anne’s Education in Partnership Programme.
The mission of the department is to offer the girls socially relevant opportunities that consciously involve them in their society and cultivate a mature perspective on what it means to be a part of a community. We partner with hospitals, schools, and homes for abandoned children, AIDS organisations and many other establishments in an endeavour to share our resources and develop excellence in their field of work.


“It has [been] a big responsibility but I don’t mind. I do it because I love helping people. I want to educate and inspire them. It’s a privilege for us to go out to the various partnerships…We are facing spatial issues because more and more girls are wanting to attend SR. We come back with stories and the girls feel really fulfilled returning from partnerships. STEPP provides incredible opportunities to the girls of St Anne’s to partner in our community”. ~ Alexandra le Sueur, Portfolio Head of STEPP
“When I first started I thought it would just be about the children. But I’ve also been affected. I never considered that. The relationships you build really open your eyes. You learn a lot.”. ~ Paige Coull, Form Six former STEPP leader
“Before I became a leader I didn’t realise how important the skills you develop as a child are – skills such as colouring and throwing a ball. As we became more aware we also put in more effort.”. ~ Luvano Ntuli, Form Six former STEPP leader
“I didn’t know how much we were helping until one day when the teacher hugged me and said ‘you don’t know how much you’ve helped, you have given the children confidence. They can express themselves in class’.”. ~ Jordan Jooste, Form 6 former STEPP leader


“The girls from St Anne’s told us many things. Because of them I believe in myself now and think that I can do positive things.”. ~ Sisanda Mthembu, Grade 7, Nogqaza Primary School.
“I learnt a lot about animals and the things happening in the world from the books we read. Performing a poem made me feel free in front of the other learners, because I am always shy.”. ~ Amahle Mncwango, Grade 7, Nogqaza Primary School.
“I met people from different countries using different languages. They told me their stories.”. ~ Msizi Mbonambi, Grade 7, Nogqaza Primary School.
“The lessons helped me to be more ambitious.”. ~ Mpilwenhle Gumede, Grade 7, Nogqaza Primary School.
“I loved my experience with STEPP. It was amazing and transformative. I’m now on sabbatical, working on my masters in education.”. ~ Yake Hlela, former teacher at Umthoqotho High School.
“Because of STEPP our children are now able to try to speak in English, and we have a library in a container, which the children like very much. The lessons made a difference in the children who did the (SMILE) programme last year and helped them to pass their ANAs (Annual National Assessments). We saw an improvement in the maths skills. They are being taught maths in English now, so improvement in English has helped them with maths as well as literacy.”. ~ Jetro Ndlela, headmaster of Julukandoda Primary School.
“Through my association with STEPP I had the opportunity to do ABET level 4 for free as well as a Certificate in Education: Participatory Development (CEPD). I’m currently doing a course in project management. And I get a grant from the Department of Education for my Grade R class.”. ~ Beauty Maseko, co-founder of Gods Little Lambs Pre-School and founder of Umusa Wenkosi Pre-School.


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