Subjects Offered

Our holistic curriculum develops competent, curious and capable young women

St Anne’s focuses on facilitating a holistic education for each one of its girls, nurturing girls to possess an intellectual curiosity and a love of learning for its own sake. Irrespective of their subject package, St Anne’s girls have an appreciation and understanding of both the Arts and the Sciences and their impact on our world, as well as a wide general knowledge extending far beyond the immediate content of their subjects.

Building blocks for future careers

In Grade 9, girls start the process of selecting their Matric subject packages. Offering a range of subjects – all taught at the highest level – girls balance their career aspirations and interests to find the perfect fit for their futures. Our teachers and counsellors provide advice and guidance to each girl as she makes her exciting decision.

  • Accounting

    This numbers-based subject opens a number of career doors and develops fundamental life skills in the management of finances and resources. Budgeting and finance is a necessary component of every industry and, no matter her desired path, every girl stands to benefit from basic accounting skills and garnering an understanding of the economy, the cost […]
  • Afrikaans

    Offered as a first additional language, Afrikaans is a relevant medium of South African learning and teaching. With emphasis on communication and conversation, pupils develop an extensive vocabulary and verbal skills. Their overall proficiency in the language is vital for communication and understanding in our multi-cultural society.
  • Consumer Studies

    This subject embraces technological advances and develops the knowledge, skills, and values inherent in becoming a responsible consumer. Apart from imparting valuable life skills, possible career choices include a BSc in Dietetics (with Physical Sciences), fabric/textile design, food styling, events co-ordination, lecturing and teaching.
  • Dramatic Arts

    The skills developed in the Dramatic Arts translates into valuable life skills, enhancing the ability to work well with others and communicate ideas confidently. Drama promotes a sense of commitment and concentration through interactive learning and further encourages creativity, insight, and empathy – broadening girls’ understanding of humanity.
  • Economics

    Economics has been introduced as a Subject choice for Grades 10 – 12 from 2020. The subject is concerned with market forces, supply and demand and Government intervention. Exchange rates, imports and exports, inflation, unemployment, development and Government Policy are all analysed. Girls who have a genuine interest in current national and international affairs should […]
  • English

    The English programme at St Anne’s guides independent, critical thinking. Girls are given the skills to formulate, organise, and express thoughts clearly, accurately, and vividly. English further develops language, writing, reading, and speaking skills – all of which are given expression in the Olympiad, Douglas Livingstone Creative Writing Competition, Poetry Africa Competition, and Interhouse public […]
  • French

    As the official language of business in more than 25 African countries, the official language of the United Nations, and the second most-used language of the internet, French is a language that opens a number of career doors. This content-based subject requires self-discipline and perseverance, requiring girls to master abstract concepts and apply them practically. […]
  • Geography

    Offering insight into the natural and human environment, geographical issues, people and their needs, the skills imparted through the subject of Geography are widespread. To develop their geographical skills and techniques, girls learn to master statistical interpretation, scientific method, information technology, spatial work, fieldwork, and problem-solving. Geography generates an interest in different countries and cultures […]
  • History

    The History curriculum maps development from prehistoric times to sophisticated, advanced nations. This exciting subject is dynamic – being lived and made daily – and imparts skills which aid girls in their ability to understand, change, and develop coping mechanisms. Through an active investigation of the past, History develops critical thinkers who are able to […]
  • Information & Digital Literacy

    At St Anne’s, technology is embraced as a powerful tool to endow girls with competency and confidence. ICT facilities include campus-wide wireless coverage, interactive boards in all classrooms, and a modern IT Centre for training and learning. As a vital component of modern society, Information and Digital Literacy is a compulsory subject from Grade 8 […]
  • IsiZulu

    As a national language, isiZulu creates opportunities and opens career doors. The course also imparts an understanding, appreciation, and respect for cultural diversity. With emphasis on communication and conversation, girls are given the freedom and confidence to interact with fellow South Africans.
  • Life Orientation

    Life Orientation is a compulsory that plays a definitive role in the personal development of every girl. Both during her school years and after, St Anne’s girls benefit from the balance and confidence learnt through the subject. Aimed at equipping girls for the increasingly complex demands of contemporary life, Life Orientation stimulates personal, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, […]
  • Life Sciences

    Life Sciences is the study of life in the changing natural and human-made environment. It includes the study of Biology, Physical Geography, and Biotechnology. This relevant subject guides personal responsibility towards the management of resources and enables girls to appreciate, compare, and evaluate different scientific perspectives. The study of Life Sciences is the foundation of […]
  • Core Mathematics

    Mathematics enhances the ability to think clearly and develops keen attention to detail. It enhances problem-solving skills to manipulate complex ideas, develop logical reasoning, and construct meaningful arguments. In doing so, girls develop determination, perseverance, creativity, and self-confidence. Consistent hard work and dedication are key to enjoyment and success in the subject. Mathematical principles are […]
  • Maths Literacy

    Maths Literacy provides mathematical tools that give girls the confidence to interact with numbers in the real world. With a focus on the use of simple, non-scientific mathematics to solve problems in complex real-life situations, girls develop competence in critical thinking. Please note that Maths Literacy limits future study in the fields of Science, Engineering, Medicine, […]
  • Music

    Music as a subject holds particular appeal to those learning a musical instrument at the school. The minimum requirement for this subject choice is that Grade 2 standard has been achieved by the end of Grade 9. The curriculum includes instruction in Music Theory, Harmony, and Counterpoint; Improvisation, Arrangement, Composition; Music Technology, and History.
  • Physical Science

    Covering Chemistry and Physics, this subject involves investigation and understanding of the various processes that occur around us and consideration of the impacts of science on human society and the environment. Physical Science encourages logical and independent thought and the ability to understand and apply concepts. Through the academic and practical components, girls are taught […]
  • Visual Arts

    Visual Arts requires creative and personal exploration with dedication and discipline. This rewarding subject is personally fulfilling and helps girls develop new ways to respond and interact with the world – skills they can apply throughout their lives. The subject is made up of History of Art (Visual Cultural Studies) and Practical Art. The Visual […]

A detailed booklet assists girls with their Subject Choices