St Annes


Leaders are not normally born; they are people who have had the chance to grow their leadership abilities. This forms the basis of what we aim to achieve in our leadership programme at St Anne’s, a programme which is carefully designed to give all of our girls, from Form 2 to Form 6, the opportunity to play a leadership role in this College. Leadership is an important part of our curriculum, and how we develop our leaders is designed to complement, and be driven by, our College values, as enshrined in our Mission Statement.
All Forms and classes are represented at College Forum, a consultative body of girls, chosen by their peers, that meets twice a term to participate in important discussions about a variety of topics. The Catering Committee meets regularly with the contracted catering company to discuss menus and suggestions offered by the girls – an important discussion in a boarding school where meals matter! There are many other opportunities for girls to lead: for example, as sports captains and vice-captains, peer counsellors, social responsibility co-ordinators, monitors in the Media Centre, ICT Centre and the Theatre, and as social functions committee members. Girls who embrace the spiritual life of the College can serve on the SCA Committee or as Sacristans.
By Form 6, our girls have been equipped with the skills necessary to take on enhanced leadership roles in the community. All Matric girls are mentors; because of this all Matric girls play important roles on the Houses’ Management Committees. The Head and Deputy Head of the College, Heads of Houses and the other Portfolio Heads, are elected democratically. Thus all Form 6 girls help with the effective running of the College and its overall leadership; all Form 6 girls benefit from this experience in their final years of school and will take these benefits with them as they leave St Anne’s.

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