Daily Routine

The word ‘routine’ may come across as dull, but a day at St Anne’s is far from it! We know that our Old Girls look back fondly on their days at St Anne’s as some of the best and most valued times of their lives.

The carefully-structured schedule at St Anne’s has been developed with holistic education in mind, comprising a balance of academic, sporting, social, spiritual, self-reflective and cultural activities.

A typical day at St Anne's
06:15 to 06:45 Breakfast
07:15 Chapel / Assembly / Tutor Time
07:45 to 10.25 Lessons 1 - 3
10:25 to 10:45 Tea in Houses
10:50 to 13.25 Lessons 4 - 6
13:25 to 14:00 Lunch
14:00 to 15:00 Lesson 7: Academic Support / Grade Activities / Rest
15:00 to 15:15 Tea in Houses
15:15 to 17:15 Sport / Free Time / Day Boarders may go home
17:15 to 18:15 Supper
18:30 to 20:30 Evening Prep
21:00 Overhead lights out / Girls may read until 21.30


We aim to produce capable, confident, and caring girls; it is the friendships and relationships that grow over the time spent at our College that make this happen.

For our girls to live and grow together as a community, they are expected to follow certain routines and live within our values:

  • Reflect: integrity, respect, self-discipline
  • Embrace: intellectual curiosity, diversity, collaboration
  • Reach Out: compassion, humility, service.

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