Usherwood House

Usherwood House was named after Miss Eliza Usherwood, Lady Warden of St Anne’s from 1879 – 1889.

In 1926, St Anne’s decided to introduce the House system and the school was divided into three, according to dormitories in the main building – Macrorie, Usherwood, and Frances Baines. Usherwood was housed in the green dormitory, and this became the House colour. The House system proved to be hugely successful, providing a base for competition both on and off the sports fields that our girls still enjoy today.

The first Housemistress was Miss Jones and the first Head of House was Nancy Trotter.

When the girls of Frances Baines moved out of the main building in 1930, the accommodation was shared by Macrorie and Usherwood Houses.

St Anne’s has always emphasised helping those in need and the importance of religion in everyday life. To this end, the Usherwood girls took part in Lenten sewing throughout the thirties, making dressing gowns, blue overalls and knickers for St Cross’s Orphanage and the Peter David Home. By 1937, each House had identified a different charity to support; Usherwood gave frocks, knickers, and dolls to the Leper Mission in Zululand.

In 1943, when plans had been made for a new house to be built, Usherwood – still housed at one end of the main building – would gain Andrews’ small dormitory upstairs.

On 10 August 1945, victory in Japan was declared, and girls were granted a half holiday. On this day, the school organised an afternoon of sports, and Usherwood won the Housemistresses’ race.

It was a tradition for Usherwood House to present a nativity play in the chapel. In 1954, the chapel was undergoing renovations, but the girls of Usherwood House were still able to perform their traditional nativity play in December using temporary seating and light.

At last, in October 1975, the girls from Usherwood were able to move into a new home. On 5 March 1977, a service of thanksgiving was held in the chapel, followed by a procession to the new Usherwood House for the blessing of the buildings.

2004 saw a major upgrade of the dormitories, as well as the addition of a Boardermistress flat. All Grade 12’s are now housed in single rooms with study facilities, Grade 11’s in double rooms with study facilities, and Grade 10’s are provided with a special study area within the house.

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