St Annes

Boarding Houses

Accommodation at all girls’ boarding schools should be comfortable and homely. At St Anne’s we add a sense of history, in conjunction with modern renovations that cater for our girls’ needs.



Named after Miss Dorothy Andrews, Lady Warden of St Anne’s from 1917 to 1941, Andrews is the Purple House. The official opening of the new Andrews House took place on 27 June 1946; however the house was only occupied in October of that year after it was found that the new baths were too big for the bathrooms. The Andrews baths thus went into Frances Baines, FB’s baths were installed in Marianne Browne and the MB baths eventually went into Andrews – probably the only recorded instance of a kind of ‘musical baths’ taking place at a boarding school for girls.



Named after Miss Frances Baines, Lady Warden of St Anne’s from 1907 to 1917, FB is the Blue House. A neighbouring property belonging to Mr Mortimer, was purchased by the school in 1930, and this became the home of Frances Baines until the current house was built in 1959. In 2004 a major upgrade of the dormitories was undertaken and all the bathrooms were renovated in 2013.



One of the original three houses established in 1926, along with Usherwood and Frances Baines, Macrorie House has managed to retain some of its original rooms, a glance back in time that is a delight at any historical girls boarding school. The House was named after Bishop Macrorie who founded St Anne’s alongside Miss Cresswell. Macrorie is the Yellow House and has had numerous additions and renovations over the years. The most recent upgrade was to the bathrooms in July 2014, which was the cause of much shrieking and delight by the girls.



Established in 1939 as a result of a generous donation from Mr Charles James and Miss Mackenzie, Marianne Brown is named after Lady Warden Marianne Browne who was at the helm from 1890-1903. Due to lack of space, Domestic Science lessons were taught in the basement of MB in 1947. Marianne Browne, the ‘red’ House is still connected to the Main Building and enjoys beautiful views across the lawn of this most gracious and beautiful all girls boarding schools in KZN.



Named after Miss Mollie Stone, Lady Warden of the College from 1942 to 1950, MS is the Orange House. The original St Anne’s Preparatory School moved to this building, bought from a neighbour, Mr Mortimer, in 1924. The building was converted to a Boarding House in 1982. Renovations took place in 2002 and again in 2005.



Named after Miss Eliza Jane Usherwood, Lady Warden of St Anne’s from 1879 to 1889, Usherwood is the Green House. It was a tradition for Usherwood House to present a nativity play in the Chapel each December. In 1975, Usherwood House moved out of the main building and into the house where it is today. The house was renovated in 2004.


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