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Girls Boarding

“You grow as a person both physically and mentally as you surround yourself with fun, friends, challenges and rewards”Abi Daniels, Form 6, 2013
Boarding school for girls
“I love that I have 60 new sisters that will always be there no matter what happens”Korkor Opai-Tetteh, Form 4, 2013
Boarding school girls enjoying their window view
“It’s my home away from home”Korkor Opai-Tetteh, Form 4, 2013
Boarding school girls common room

An important cornerstone of any boarding school for girls such as St Anne’s is its House system. Roughly 85% of girls at the school are boarders, and the majority of them are ‘termly’ boarders. During their time at school they are accommodated in six comfortable boarding houses that sleep about 60 girls each. Day boarders are assigned to a House and are encouraged to be as much part of the House as the full boarders are. A strong sense of competition exists between the Houses and regular inter-house competitions in drama, music and sports take place. Parents have the opportunity to meet each other at annual House get-togethers.

Each House is cared for by a resident Housemistress. She is the mother figure and liaises closely with parents. She is assisted in the House by resident staff and the senior girls.

The well-equipped House common rooms, each with its own flatscreen TV and kitchen, are a focal point for our boarding school, and are central spaces where the girls relax and socialise.

Girls boarding accommodation


Depending on the layout of the House, Forms 2 and 3 are usually accommodated with three or four girls to a room. In Forms 4 and 5, girls share two to a room and Matric girls each have their own rooms. A single bed, mattress, side table, double cupboard and pinboard are provided for Forms 2 – 4, and in Forms 5 and 6 the girls are also provided with a desk, chair and shelving. Girls bring their own linen, pillows, and duvet.



Health care is provided in the San by qualified nursing staff members who are on duty 24 hours a day. The San is a peaceful wing to the College, with windows opening onto beautiful gardens; it is a pleasant place where girls (and staff) may go when they are ill or are in need of help. A school doctor is in attendance for girls to consult on three mornings a week.

Boarding school dining hall


Healthy, interesting and tasty food is essential at boarding schools for girls. Three full meals as well as morning and afternoon tea are provided daily for resident boarders. Girls are expected to attend every meal and there are certain procedures that pertain to dining which can be found in the College Routine Handbook. Catering at St Anne’s is outsourced to a professional catering company, currently Fedics, who have the necessary expertise to cater for the needs of girls’ boarding schools and who provide a monthly menu which can be viewed at the link below.


Towels for the laundry


Each House is allocated a day for laundry to go to the central laundry unit on the College grounds. Each girl is given a laundry book containing her name, laundry number and laundry list. Girls are permitted to send up to seven items of appropriately marked ‘civvies’ to the laundry each week. Each House also has its own small laundry equipped with washing machine and tumble drier for delicate items.

Boarding school girl reading


Saturday school is critical in keeping our girls busy for part of the weekend and it is compulsory for all girls to attend. An entertainment committee is responsible for keeping the girls busy over the remaining weekend hours and ensures that girls are appropriately entertained whilst at the College. Activities include outings to nearby nature reserves, trips to the mall, and watching sport at one of the local boys’ schools.

Front gate of school


Full Boarders are allowed four day and three weekend exeats a term. Matrics receive two additional weekend exeats a term. Day exeats are 10:15 to 20:00 on Saturdays or 9:00 – 20:00 on Sundays. Weekend exeats start at 10:15 on Saturday and girls need to be back by 20:00 on Sunday or 06:45 Monday. Exeats must be applied for and confirmed by Thursday 16:00. Additional exeats for Tea, Lunch or Supper may be granted for special occasions. Weekly Boarders generally go home every weekend, leaving after school on Saturday and returning either Sunday evening or Monday morning. Exeats detailing who will be collecting, where girls are staying and when they are returning need to be submitted weekly, to ensure the College knows the girls’ whereabouts and to ensure their safety.

Girls socialising at boarding house


All girls may receive visits from their parents, grandparents and siblings any time outside of the normal school day. Girls may receive visits from their friends and other relatives on Sundays from 14:30 to 16:30. Further to this, Matrics may receive visits from their friends and other relatives between 15:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday.

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