College Life

Daily life at St Anne’s is a direct reflection of our commitment to a holistic and balanced education. From the sounds of laughter and conversation across school grounds and the busyness of the sports field, to pockets of quiet studiousness and contemplation, St Anne’s girls flourish in an environment wholly conducive to their individual development.

Apart from a full academic programme, we offer a great variety of opportunities for girls to explore their unique talents and interests. To provide a well-rounded experience, our girls are encouraged to participate in a range of different activities and not to specialise too early.

Our structured daily routine, secure boarding environment and strong value systems are essential grounding platforms from which the girls grow, learn and make memories that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

  • Leadership

    We believe that leaders are people who have the had the chance to grow and build their leadership abilities. Every St Anne's girl is expected to show self-leadership, and our leadership programme is designed to give all girls opportunities to play leadership roles.
  • Daily Routine

    The carefully-structured schedule at St Anne's has been developed with holistic education in mind, comprising a balance of academic, sporting, social, spiritual, self-reflective and cultural activities.
  • Spirituality

    Spiritual life is the cornerstone of the ethos at St Anne's. We strive to nurture girls to be aware that they are spiritual beings and to consider the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Exchange

    Our Exchange Programme is designed to give girls the opportunity to enrich their education, discover new countries and cultures, and develop a worldliness that comes from living and learning overseas.
  • Boarding

    With a majority of termly boarders, St Anne's is a 'home away from home', with a family feel and a strong sense of community. Our boarding environment equips girls with life skills and unique friendships that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.