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  • St. Annes girl school chapel choir

    Music is an important part of the school curriculum at the College. Girls have innumerable opportunities to pursue their musical interest in it and develop their talent to the full. The Music Department firmly believes that music should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience and, thus, strives for “Excellence through Enjoyment.”

  • Girls playing bongo drums

    Music is a component of Arts and Culture, a compulsory learning area for Forms 2 and 3, and a subject option in Forms 4 to 6. In addition to this, girls are encouraged to enter the UNISA, Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music or Trinity College Examinations.

  • sax

    The College endeavours to provide tuition in the instrument of the girl’s choice. Tuition is currently given to over 160 pupils in the following instruments: piano, violin, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, marimbas, drums and voice.

  • choir

    The Chapel Choir plays an integral role in College Chapel services and performs at numerous internal and external functions, including weddings, public relations events, concerts, festivals and Eisteddfods. Girls with exceptional voices are eligible for membership of “The Soul Sisters”, an elite voice ensemble. This group also performs in a variety of contexts.

  • Girls playing in the marimba band

    The orchestra, comprising pupils from St Anne’s and Hilton College, performs works that range from classical to more contemporary music. The St Anne’s Jazz Band has a varied repertoire including jazz, blues, ballads and classical pieces. Our Marimba Bands cater for beginners, as well as more advanced musicians.

  • St. Annes girl playing the violin

    St Anne’s Music Department strives to develop excellence and instil a love, enjoyment and appreciation of music amongst all of its pupils.

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