St Annes

Dramatic Arts

Love, Crime And Johannesburg
Dramatic Arts is taken by all junior girls, and is an excellent opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem in creative, practical explorations. Dramatic Arts can be chosen as a National Senior Certificate subject and the drama studio, situated in a beautiful part of the estate, is a private and spacious venue for the senior Drama classes to explore theatre practitioners, play texts and theatre history.
Girls boarding house performance
Besides the practical Drama curriculum, there are many opportunities afforded to all pupils at St Anne’s to get involved in performances. Each year, there is a major production. The Interhouse Theatre Festival allows girls to audition to be in their House performances.
Girls in a drama production called Funk
FUNK, a popular annual event involving the Pietermaritzburg schools, gives pupils who are interested in movement a chance to be part of a large dance programme. Girls can become theatre monitors and learn about behind-the-scenes work involved in production.
Flatfoot Dance Company
Our Theatre Director ensures that the theatre hosts numerous outside professional productions that the girls may attend to broaden their theatrical horizons. A theatre festival is hosted each year when outside productions are brought in for the entire school community to enjoy and workshops are offered to the Drama girls by these companies, so that the girls learn from the professionals.

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