4 September 2020

Letter for Board Nominations

Dear St Anne’s Parents and Old Girls,

In current view of the transformation process underway at St Anne’s, the Board of Governors would like to take this opportunity to invite two more members to the Board. This is an interesting time to join us as we chart the way forward for change towards an environment, of which we may all be proud.

St Anne’s is a Christian school that prides itself on building young women of character, capable of leading into the 21st Century. As guardians of the school’s human, physical and financial resources, we would like to welcome committed, well-qualified individuals who can contribute greatly to this shared vision and growth of the school.

It is the Board’s strong view that our prospects need a keen sense of commitment and responsibility to the St Anne’s Community. Our wish list for candidature includes the following:

• an attitude that is inclusionary, gender-conscious and aligned with empowerment ideals of our country
• proven legal and financial experience
• previous Board experience, especially in Audit & Risk and Social & Ethics Committees
• reliable and consistent attendance of meetings is crucial, in light of the voluntary nature of the position
• The Board meets once every term, which translates to four meetings in the year, plus extraordinary
meetings as needed
• occasionally, challenges do present themselves in the running of the school, and a greater commitment
than usual may be required
• Sub-committees of the Board also meet once a term and serve the functions of: Social & Ethics, Campus
Development, and Finance
• The Board tenure is currently five years

It’s a pleasure to open the nominations process to our parents and Old Girls. Below is a link to the nomination form, which will be sent back to the Board via the following email [email protected]. The deadline for nominations is the 1st October 2020.

Best Regards,
Dr U Moseneke
On Behalf of The Social & Ethics Subcommittee