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The Blue Note

17 JUNE 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians

Term 2 seemed to evaporate over night as we decided to give the option for our girls to leave early after two standard Covid tests for overseas travel came back positive and we realised that perhaps we had more asymptomatic cases among us and there was a real concern for girls wanting to travel home across borders. Thank you for altering your plans to accommodate us and I hope your daughters enjoy a wonderful holiday after a busy exam term for most.


It was disappointing for the cast of our major production, #OurStories, who had worked hard and could only stage two performances due to our early closure. This was a brave production as it was scripted internally from various people’s stories from our community and so was an authentic experience from beginning to end. There were heart-wrenching and poignant moments, interspersed with humorous touches and sobering comments. Warm congratulations to the cast who worked with commitment in creating such a well-crafted piece of theatre. It was a rare treat to walk into our beautiful theatre again and to be transported into so many people’s lives through the dramatisation. Our gratitude to the director, Lynn Chemaly, and her assistant, Marcus Henning, as well as Minthra Baijnath and Joslyn Anderson who stepped in when Lynn was badly injured in a bike accident.


With our girls away, we could not follow our Youth Day programme which we had planned with facilitated conversations with staff and girls in small groups for the morning, as well as activities celebrating our youth through music, drama and interhouse games in the afternoon, but I hope our girls were able to observe this important day while at home with you.

We have taken a collaborative approach with the drafting of our Code of Conduct and our Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Racism policies and our staff and girls will have the opportunity to read through these next term. After editing arising from this, these documents will be sent to our parents for their perusal. Our Board has also been involved in the process and will do the final signing off.

Focus Groups will be researching and making some proposals going forward, and all these groups will involve our staff, with some groups relying on input from pupils, parents and some Board members too. Transformation and Christian values underpin all these groups, and some of the areas on which there will be  a focus are: academics (curriculum, buildings, IEB, IT, structure of the school week), boarding (buildings, the experience and forward thinking), day boarders, leadership (staff & girls), wellness, relationship building, marketing and communication, entrepreneurship, recruitment and retention of staff, among others. Where innovative and firm proposals emerge, we will consider these as a school and then we will prioritise and action them over a planned period of time. There are so many excellent aspects to our school which need to remain intact, but there will be some areas which will be strengthened with careful thought and tweaking.


Next term is a significant one in many ways, and we hope sincerely that the traditional ‘Camp Week’ can take place. The Grade 8s venture to Nyala Pans, the Grade 9s go on Great Adventure, the Grade 10s will go to the St Lucia area, and the Grade 11s to Spirit of Adventure, after experiencing the World at Work which is helpful in highlighting various careers. Our matrics also prepare themselves to sit for Trials and we hope that they are able to sneak their Ball in on our break up day, 17 September. We postponed it again as we feel that we could be in the thick of Covid mid-July. The Grade 10s will hopefully be able to enjoy their Ball, and the Grade 11s their Formal Dinner and Dance, but again, we are at the mercy of regulations around Covid. Please note that the first weekend of Term 3 is a closed weekend which means all boarders need to stay in and day boarders are encouraged to attend the activities over the weekend.


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Sports Results

8 June 2021


Great effort from all the girls involved at the Interhouse event hosted yesterday afternoon.

The results were as follows. Well Done

Position House Points Position House Points
1st Mollie Stone 1 12 1st Andrews 1 12
2nd Usherwood 1 11 2nd Usherwood 2 11
3rd Macrorie 1 10 3rd Mollie Stone 1 10
4th Andrews 1 9 4th Mollie Stone 2 9
5th Mollie Stone 2 8 5th Frances Baines 1 8
6th Usherwood 2 7 6th Marianne Browne 1 7
7th Marianne Browne 2 6 7th Macrorie 1 6
8th Marianne Browne 1 5 8th Usherwood 1 5
9th Frances Baines 1 4 9th Frances Baines 2 4
10th Macrorie 2 3 10th Andrews 2 3
11th Andrews 2 2 11th 2
12th Frances Baines 2 1 12th 1


Overall Results


1st Mollie Stone 33
2nd Andrews 18
3rd Marianne Browne 18
4th Frances Baines 17
5th Usherwood 16
6th Macrorie 13




At the Eventing show held at Ulwazi Philippa Erskine came first in the 1 star Eventing. Over Half Term she also won both her classes in the Junior Elementary Dressage. To end off with an incredible achievement last weekend she came 1st in the Dressage South Africa Junior Elementary Challenge Class and the Warm Up Class. Very impressive results. Well done Philippa



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Sports Results

2 June 2021


Over the half-term, Jorja Kinvig attended the KZN 2020 dressage awards function. She was placed 2nd in KZN and 4th in South Africa for children’s elementary dressage in 2020. Congratulations.


Well done to Bahati Dakile who has been selected to participate in the Durban Coastal Indoor High-Performance Squad. All the best for the training ahead.

District Representation

Well done to the following girls who have been selected to for the respective hockey & netball district squads


Under 18 Under 16 Under 14
Nina Baguley Alexandra Bowyer Gemma Carlisle
Gabriella Benkenstein Drisana Craig Jessica de Villiers
Lucy Church Andiswa Gwala Alice Eustace
Bahati Dakile Annabel Hardie Jasmin Kelly
Georgie Le Sueur Emma Hoole Jade Kelly
Sophie Rebeck Juliette Maskell Sam Lombard
Josie le Roux Lucy Porril Gemma Malherbe
Alexandra Spencer Ella Shuttleworth Oratile Phoku
Ella Thorburn Lebone Sibaya Imibongo Somhlanhlo
Storm Veenstra Brooke Veenstra Alexandra Uys
  Mia Wynne Madison Watt Pringle


Under 18 Under 16 Under 14
Tanna-Leigh Wesson Drisana Craig Keabetswe Matlala
    Reratilwe Motubatse
Under 17 Under 15 Reatile Motubatse
Lauren Skinner Jorja Chubb  
  Ziphozenkosi Cele  
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Latest News


In assembly last week, Mrs Martin gave a passionate call to action. Her message to the Ladies in Blue was as follows:

“The word transformation is often incorrectly interpreted as focusing only on race. It is far more encompassing than that. Here at St Anne’s, it is about making the space at the table more inviting for everyone. Transformation includes inviting others in, who may be, for example, of a different religion, ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation, outlook, and even aspects particular to our school situation, such as: sporting code, House, grade or boarding status.

Real transformation will enable a deep sense of belonging and is not something anyone should look at with cynicism or fear. We are all invited to the table, and our seats are waiting for us. What is required is that we show up, and commit to making everyone else in our school welcome too.”

Mrs Martin expressed thanks to those who have been involved in driving the process of transformation and updated our community on some of the initiatives which have taken place.


“I am very proud of our school, St Anne’s, as we are being brave in facing the difficult issues which confront our society. Very few elite high schools will be immune from the issues we face, but we are choosing to deal with them with courage and it is difficult sometimes, but we soldier on, because it is so worth it.

Some of our conversations will be uncomfortable but we are developing resilience. Sometimes we may feel vulnerable, and difficult as it may be, it is okay, as long as we are growing from them and as long as we are giving other people around us the space to grow. Each of us needs grace and support to learn, and what is so important is that we give those around us space and support to learn too.

We are preparing you for life outside St Anne’s and life out there isn’t all butterflies and roses. I guarantee that you will be better equipped to deal with having open conversations in delicate situations. I guarantee that many of you will take the lead in navigating difficulties as you are growing resilience and gaining experience.

I dream about us being that school that paved the way for many others and the only way we can do this is through openness and kindness as we face our challenges together. Everyone here needs to feel a strong sense of belonging to this sisterhood and not one of us has the right to deny that of anyone. Each of your voices is important. Each of you is significant and no one’s voice should drown out nor silence another. There is space for us ALL to BELONG DEEPLY.

It is our time to shine as we build our school up and we are honoured to have this responsibility. It takes each one of us to build. Will you join me as we build together?


Taken from The Blue Note, Edition 7. Link below to read the newsletter in full.


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The Blue Note

18 MAY 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians

As a school, we are tasked with preparing our girls for life beyond our school gates and so this means that they are given the edge on the academic front by being encouraged to work independently and to extend themselves, while being provided with excellent teaching and support. It also means that they should develop a sense of balance as they involve themselves in some co-curricular activities, while still finding time for prep, their family and friends, and themselves. They should also experience the opportunity of growing their spiritual side if they so wish.


At St Anne’s, we are able to create something of a protective bubble as we spend our days surrounded by a beautiful campus in quaint Hilton, and one can have a sense of being cocooned. While these cocooned-feelings of security are so comfortable and cosy, it is also our duty as a school to prepare our girls for the more stark, and harsher aspects of life so they are not thrown when they encounter controversial issues and some tough realities. They need to be well-informed, have developed some resilience, and be able to navigate precarious social and academic interactions with some self-confidence and EQ. These qualities help to build a healthy mental state which is crucial for our girls embarking on the journey of adulthood.


It is understandable that some parents may feel at times, that their daughters are exposed or challenged beyond their years, and we respect that opinion, and will endeavour to cocoon our girls appropriately, while also providing that nudge to venture out of the cocoon to learn more and to develop a growth mindset which will be such an asset in their lives. It is difficult to meet the expectations of all parents, as we  have differing views among us, but it is our intention to do our best to prepare our girls very well for life after school so they may hold their own with confidence and integrity in various situations, and in the company of diverse people and opinions.


If your daughter is struggling at any time, please encourage her to reach out to someone to whom she feels comfortable talking. We have an extensive care network at the College including our school leaders, peer and school counsellors, the chaplain, staff, Grade Heads, Housemothers, Deputy Heads and me – among others.


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Sports Results

18 May 2021


Congratulation to Victoria Armstrong who has been selected for the KZN Midland U17A team, that will compete at the National Inter- Provincial tournament from the 17th – 21st of July 2021.


Results from leagues race hosted by Treverton last week Wednesday:

Juniors: 44 runners
3rd        Hannah Bullock
5th        Georgie Henderson
8th        Nina Kay
9th        Sophie Merrick
11th      Gabi Wostmann
26th      Julia Hulse

Seniors: 57 runners:
4th        Georgina Butcher
11th      Jada Kruger
26th      Amber McLuckie
32nd     Erin Douglas


Well done to Lucy Norton who competed in the Durban Regional Ladies Champs (36 holes) at Royal  Durban on the 10th of May. She came tie 3rd overall and was the winner of the U18 division.


Uma Singh competed at SANESA show and achieved the following :

Equitation 80cm 1st
Dressage P1 2nd
Dressage P2 4th
Show jumping 80cm 5th



Results from matches played against GHS on the 11th & 13th of May

Well done to the hockey girls for their slick performance in the matches against GHS. We played a  total of nine games, won seven and lost two. We scored a total of 25 goals and conceded 2.

Special mention to the Under 14B for their 8-0 win.

Team Opposition Result Score
2nd GHS Won 5 – 0
3rd Won 3 – 0
U16A Won 1 – 0
U16B Lost 0 – 1
U16C Won 2 – 0
U16D Lost 0 – 1
U14A Won 4 – 0
U14B Won 8 – 0
U14C Won 2 – 0


League results played on Monday, 17th May

On Monday afternoon we hosted St Johns for another round of league matches. Three teams were involved and achieved some of the following results, Seniors Friendly drew 6–6 and Juniors 1 won 12-2.

Also on Monday, the 1st team played in the first round of the KZN Inter Schools tournament against GHS. The five girls involved did very well to win 20 – 0. The remainder of the event will be played over two four weeks.

Team Opposition Result Score
StA S1 GHS 1 Won 20 – 0
StA S3 St Johns Drew 6 – 6
StA J1 Won 12 – 2
StA J3 Won 12 – 0

KZN Closed Open Results

The following girls participated in the KZN Closed tournament hosted on Saturday the 15th and Sunday 16th of May at TWC, GHS and St Anne’s respectively, and achieved the following results:

Under 14 Under  16 Under 19
Alexandra Uys  3rd Ellena Chemaly-Sutherland 2nd Savannah Ingledew 1st
Imibongo Somhlaho  6th Amy-Lee Strydom  5th Lilly Steiner 7th
Madison Watt-Pringle  8th Ashley Upfold 6th Isabella Uys 8th
    Tayana Ozoux 13th Andiswa Msebeni 11th
    Sasha Kay 17th    
    Georgie Henderson  18th    
    Nina Kay  19th    
    Cameron Heafield  23rd    



Results from the Rising star tournament – 14th May 2021

On Friday afternoon, the under 16B competed against the TWC U16A for the 1st position play-off hosted at St Anne’s. The match format included two singles matches and one doubles match.

We unfortunately lost both the singles matches and won the doubles match.

The team will be competing at KZN regionals this weekend.

Team Opposition Result Score
U16B TWC (Singles) Lost 1 – 8
(Singles) Lost 1 – 8
Won 8 – 1
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Old Girls News

Introducing Buyi and Tsakane!

We are delighted to introduce Buyisiwe Makhoba-Dlamini and Tsakane Mthenjane, who have joined our Committee from January 2021 to work on projects that entail being involved in marketing and communication activities, and other initiatives to strengthen relations with our old girls.  We are excited to embrace their exceptional skill sets, fresh ideas and strong desire to contribute as Old Girls to St Anne’s. We will also play a crucial role supporting the Board and College’s broader strategic goals of ensuring the School provides relevant, inclusive top education for a 21st Century girl in South Africa with transformation high on the agenda.

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Sports Results

11 May 2021


Jorja Kinvig competed in the Ulwazi Eventing show this weekend and was placed 3rd in the pony rider 75 cm class


Results from matches played against TWC, Wartburg & St John’s

It was another exciting week of hockey. The 1st team & U16A both won their matches in the fixture against TWC, while the 2nds, 3rds and U16C all had convincing wins against Wartburg.

We rounded the week off with a very competitive display in the fixtures against St John’s. It was an exciting brand of school girl hockey, and a positive for the region.

  • Overall results,
    • Played 10, won 6, drew 1 and lost 3.
  • Special mention to the U16C for their 10 – 0 win against Wartburg 16A and 4 – 0 win against St John’s 16C.
Team Opposition Result Score
1st TWC Won 2 – 1
U16A Won 1 – 0
1st St John’s Lost 1 – 3
2nd Lost 1 – 3
3rd Won 1 – 0
U16A Lost 0 – 1
U16B Won 2 – 1
U16C Won 4 – 0
U16D Drew 0 – 0
U14A Won 1 – 0
U14B Won 3 – 0
U14C Won 8 – 0
2nd Wartburg 1st Lost 4 – 0
3rds Wartburg Mix Won 9 – 0
U16C Wartburg 16A Won 10 – 0


Results from matches played at St John’s on the 5th of May

Its was another clinical display from the netball girls on Wednesday afternoon.

We won seven and lost just one. There were a number of good results on the day, but a special mention to the 1st team for a spirited 4th quarter that help them win 23 – 19.


  Team Opposition Result Score
U14A St John’s Won 16 – 7
U14B Won 15 – 1
U15A Won 15 – 14
U15B Won 7 – 1
U16B Lost 5 – 10
U16A Won 16 – 6
2nd Won 12 – 3
1st Won 23 – 19


League results played on Monday, 10th  May vs GHS, St John’s & TWC

It was a tough afternoon for the teams involved on the day, with very small margins being the difference between a win and a loss. Overall we played six, won four and lost two. Well done to the Friendly, Senior and Junior teams, both winning their games 12-0

Team Opposition Result Score
StA S1 GHS 1 Lost 7 – 8
StA S2 TWC Won 9 – 8
StA S3 GHS Won 12 – 0
StA J1 GHS Won 10 – 5
StA J2 St Johns Lost 3 – 9
StA J3 GHS Won 12 – 0


Results from the Rising star tournament – 7th May 2021

On Friday afternoon, four teams participated in the first edition of the Rising stars competition hosted at Kershaw Park. This is a knock-out event for schools across the country. The four teams competed against TWC, St John’s and GHS for the rights to represent the district. Well done to the U16B team who together with TWC will play in the next round of the event.

Team Opposition Result Score
U16A TWC Lost 13 – 18
StA C Won 24 – 1
U16B St John’s Lost 11 – 17
GHS Won 24 – 13
StA D Won 24 – 10
U16C StA C Lost 1 – 24
TWC Lost 1 – 24
U16D St John’s Lost 9 – 24
StA B Lost 10 – 24

Finally –

Congratulation to the following girls who have been voted Club Captains

Cross Country – Sarah Anders

Netball – Sisanda Jezile

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Sports Results

4 May 2021


Well done to Lucy Norton who participated in Cape Town on the weekend of the 24th & 25th of April, playing in the Nomads SA Girls Rosebowl U18 54 hole Championship. She scored a 77, 80 and 78 to finish tie first in KZN and tie 12th overall. She won best net for the championship



Results from matches played against Epworth, TWC, DGC & St Mary’s Kloof

It was a welcome return for the teams involved in fixtures this week. It has been long overdue and the anticipation and excitement was evident, by the girls competing.

A total of 16 matches were played over three days, and the results were as follows.

  • Against Epworth we won 4 lost 2
  • Against TWC we won 4 lost 1
  • Finally, the 1st team & U16A played in a Tri-angular hosted by Durban Girls College
    • 1st lost against St Mary’s Kloof 0 -1 and won 1 – 0 in their match against DGC. While the U16A won 1 – 0 to DGC and drew to St Mary’s Kloof.

Well to all the teams involved.


Team Opposition Result Score
U14A Epworth Lost 1 – 0
U14B Won 4 – 0
U16A Lost 1 – 0
U16B Won 4 – 1
1st Won 4 – 3
2nd Won 2 – 0
U14A TWC Won 1 – 0
U14B Won 2 – 1
U16B Lost 0 – 1
U16C Won 1 – 0
2nd Won 2 – 1
1st DGC Won 1 – 0
U16A Won 1 – 0
1st St Mary’s Lost 0 – 1
U16A Drew 0 – 0









On Wednesday afternoon, the sound of teams cheering and coaches giving out instruction could be heard across the Sports Centre. Competitive sport was back on the campus and was great to witness once again. We hosted the 8 teams from TWC and the results were, won 5 and lost 3. Special mention to the 2nd team for their 20 – 13 win and the U14D who won 15 – 4. Great effort.


  Team Opposition Result Score
U14A TWC Lost 1 – 0
U14B Lost 15 – 7
U14C Won 12 – 8
U14D Won 15 – 4
U15A Won 17 – 13
U15B Won 11 – 10
U16A Lost 11 – 14
2nd Won 20 – 13
1st Lost 14 – 12




League results played on Monday, 3rd May vs Epworth & TWC


Team Opposition Result Score
StA S1 Epworth S2 Lost 2 – 10
Epworth S1 Lost 1 – 12
StA S2 Epworth S2 Lost 4 – 9
Epworth S1 Lost 3 – 12
StA S3 Epworth S3 Won 11 – 1
StA J2 Epworth Lost 3 – 9
StA J3 TWC Won 8 – 4
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Latest News


Our deepest condolences to all who are grieving the untimely passing of Her Majesty Queen Shiyiwe Mantfombi Dlamini Zulu, Regent of the Zulu Nation.
As a school, our thoughts and prayers are with the Royal family, the Queen’s children, her grandchildren as well as the Swati nation, as the Queen was a sister of the reigning Swati King.
Mr Themba Radebe lead a tribute and a moment of silence in our assembly this morning and our South African flag is flying at half-mast.
‘𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐥𝐮𝐧𝐤𝐮𝐥𝐮 𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐤𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐝𝐮𝐝𝐮𝐳𝐞𝐤𝐞 𝐟𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐢 𝐮𝐍𝐝𝐥𝐮𝐧𝐤𝐮𝐥𝐮 𝐰𝐚𝐤𝐰𝐚𝐊𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥𝐚 𝐚𝐥𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐧𝐠𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐮𝐥𝐚’
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