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The 2021 National Senior Certificate Results are out and we are celebrating our BEST RESULTS EVER!
Some outstanding achievements are listed below and further details can be found at the link.
All 93 candidates who wrote the IEB National Senior Certificate examinations achieved a Bachelor Degree Certificate pass for university admission.
Lilitha Nkuhlu is included in the IEB list of candidates for Outstanding Achievement for achieving within the top 5% in 6 or more Subjects and a level 7 rating in Life Orientation.
Rosalie Brouckaert and Erin Douglas are included in the IEB list for Commendable Achievements for achieving within the top 5% in 5 or more Subjects and a level 7 rating in Life Orientation.
A total of 22 individual subject results appear in the IEB list of Top 1% of candidates per subject.
Congratulations to the following 11 girls who achieved 7 distinctions: Gabrielle Benkenstein, Jennifer Connolly, Erin Douglas, Abby Gauntlett, Megan Guimaraens, Rebecca Lonsdale, Kefilwe-Karabo Mabelane, Lilitha Nkuhlu, Megan Parker, Ella Thorburn, Esmé Thornhill-Davis
Further congratulations to Esmé Thornhill-Davis on the superb achievement of 100% in Visual Arts.
We applaud the sterling effort and commitment of our teachers in preparing our girls for the final examinations.
Thank you, parents, for your ongoing support you give to the school and your daughters.
Thank you, Class of 2021, for your dedication and inspiration. We wish you well in your future endeavours.
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The Blue Note

22 APRIL 2022

Dear Friends of St Anne’s
Our estates staff have worked hard amidst so much rain to prepare our beautiful campus for the start of Term 2, and we are delighted to have St Anne’s abuzz again. The new term began with a very special Eucharist service to celebrate Easter and it was meaningful to gather together and set the tone for the term.

Our hearts have been with those who have suffered such devastating losses during the KZN floods. A number of our St Anne’s families are from the hard hit areas near Durban and I ask that if your family has suffered some trauma, that you let us know so that we can support your daughter appropriately.

The holiday has been busy with numerous sports’ festivals and we look forward to an action-packed term as sport ramps up post-Covid. It is such an important aspect of holistic development as many friendships are formed and lessons learned, as well as providing habits for good lifestyle health. We look forward to welcoming you regularly, our parents, to campus to support your daughters in their sport and other activities. The interaction with, and among, parents is special after a drought caused by Covid, so we look forward to numerous opportunities to grow our sense of community.

This term, sport has kicked off immediately with hockey, cross country, netball and squash going straight into practices and fixtures, and there’s a real sense of purpose and energy. The cast of ‘Joseph’ are also in their final rehearsals with Hilton College for the opening performance this Sunday, 24 April. We look forward to this production which forms part of Hilton College’s 150th celebrations. I am sure many of you will be in the area for the following weekend to support your daughters’ sport and to spend time with them while enjoying the festivities of the Hilton/Michaelhouse derby weekend which is a big blast off for Hilton’s 150th year. Hearty congratulations to Hilton College on this auspicious birthday! We are proud of our association with this wonderful school and we look forward to forging even closer friendships between our schools now that we are able to do so.

The Enrichment Committee has been hard at work preparing for Social Awareness Week which begins on Monday 25 April. The varied programme should provide good discussion points and the sessions are open to our parents, as well as to scholars from other schools.

Term 1 had a real energy and buoyancy, and we look forward to building on this in Term 2 and I wish everyone a time of really positive growth.

Kind regards

Mrs Debbie Martin

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“St Anne’s has given me value. It has given me confidence. It has given me my humanity.” Zimasa Vezi, Deputy Head Girl 2021

The following speech was delivered by our Deputy Head Girl, Zimasa Vezi (pictured middle), at the Matric Leavers’ Dinner:

“Now this might be my last speech as deputy head girl. But this night is not about me… However, I will be telling a story about myself anyways. With all due respect, I came from a school where I felt that I didn’t matter. I felt that because of my race, my gender and just who I am as a person that I couldn’t get very far in life. This feeling followed with me on the playground and haunted me in the classroom. I felt that because I wasn’t particularly gifted at solving for x or wasn’t athletically inclined or charismatic that I had no value.

Though no place is entirely perfect, it is here at St Anne’s where I feel that my race or gender or personality isn’t a burden. It has fostered an environment where I can redefine what success means to me. St Anne’s is where I feel that my success is only determined by my own efforts but my awareness of the plights of the outside world are not compromised.

For me, St Anne’s has also redefined what it means to be intelligent or educated, that is not only limited to our ability to memorise terms and score high test results but also in our empathy and compassion for those around us. St Anne’s has made school feel more inclusive to me, allowing for diversity of character and for our value lying not only in our accolades but simply who we are as people.

St Anne’s has given me value. It has given me confidence. It has given me my humanity. And I believe that not many students in our country can say the same about their own schools.

I owe this to Mrs Martin, Ms Mlilo and to all the members of staff I have had the privilege to be taught by or interact with. And I owe this especially to the matrics of 2021.

To Ms Gaines and the Fedics Team, to merely say thank you is not enough. I cannot justly express our gratitude. Early mornings and late nights go into making our meals nutritious and incredibly delicious every single day. We cannot thank you enough for your sacrifices, the time spent away from your families and the love and support you consistently show us. We also thank you for these delicious meals tonight.

Mrs Martin, it is so difficult to describe how phenomenal you have been as our head of school. You have been so dedicated in transforming our school and making it a place where we feel like we belong. You have also tackled difficulties with such grace and ease, that it is rather astonishing to believe that you have not been in this role for decades. You have been an inspiring role model to Fentje and me and we are so honoured to have had the chance to work and learn from you. From the open benches to the your warm smiles when you walk past, Mrs Martin, you make us all feel seen and heard and we thank you.

Ms Mlilo, you have been a remarkable leader thus far and it is almost hard to remember that this is only your first year with us. Your fervor in trying to make St Anne’s feel like home for all of us, despite how difficult it has been, is incredibly inspiring and what I love most about your leadership is how unafraid you are to have the difficult conversations and to be vulnerable with us. You are unapologetically yourself and you give us the courage to do the same. Thank you, Ms Mlilo.

Mrs Perrett, thank you for your hard work in creating this wonderful event tonight but more importantly, thank you for being such a compassionate and nurturing Form Head. Your unconditional support has made this whirlwind of a year a lot easier.

Your dedication to the academics of our school, Mr van Niekerk, is truly appreciated. You encourage us to strive to new heights and perform at our very best but never at the expense of our happiness and health and we thank you.

To all our teachers, thank you for your commitment to us both in and out the classroom. Your passion for teaching has helped us move further towards our dreams and have shaped us to become people of value in the world. You have certainly changed our lives for the better. Though the pandemic has made your jobs a lot more difficult and tumultuous, your care and dedication has been consistent and our appreciation for you is indescribable.

Now to our housemothers. I just want to say sorry. You have truly seen it all. Breakdowns, screaming, nudity, profanity and admittingly at times, scheming. Thank you for your dedication to each one of us. For embracing our individuality and being our biggest cheerleaders, and for your wonderful every morning, yes I am talking about you Mrs Philpot. Thank you for being our mothers away from our own and like our mothers you never hesitate to put us in our place. So in someway, the early risings and the wall-washing are greatly appreciated.

To our aunties, you truly make St Anne’s feel like home. Thank you for the immense support and love you have shown us. To Mama Zandi and Mama Gladys I will miss you especially. I have loved every moment I have spent with you in the house and the sense of peace I feel when I am with you. Ngiyabonga.

In their absence, I want to thank our parents. Leaving their children at the hands of, essentially, strangers is a difficult task to do. But I am sure that many of us can agree that bringing us to St Anne’s was one of the best decisions they have ever made for us.

Fentje, I am usually quite good with my words but there are very few to describe just how special you are. Fentje, you are somehow both a gift to the world and a menace to society. And glass doors. Especially glass doors.

I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect role for you than head girl. You are so devoted in making our school the best and the happiest it can be and working with you has been one of greatest things to happen to me. Your selflessness, your optimism and your creativity inspire me every day. Thank you for being an amazing friend and a spectacular leader.

To the matrics, my ladies in blue.

I will admit that writing this part of my speech has been the most difficult. Partly because it is quite hard to make sense of our, well, craziness But mostly because I felt that writing this part of the speech signifies the beginning of the end. And I am not ready for it to end with you all. Matrics, similar to what I said at MD, we create an environment of love and kindness that is unmatched. We accept each other with our quirks and flaws and we support each other unconditionally. We are unafraid to question and challenge each other and the world around us. And that kind of space is very rare.

I never used to think of myself as the kind of person that would enjoy being in a space with 92 other strangers and having to share a room with at least 12 of them. If you couldn’t already tell, I’ve been an only child for most of my life and yes was very coddled. But you all have made all five years of absolute chaos, golden miles, meltdowns and debates on how much we like Greta Thunberg, so magical. I have loved every moment spent with you and I cannot wait to see what we will accomplish in the future. It has been an honour to not only be your deputy head girl but be part of the class of 2021.

Please may you join me in a toast. I was reminded of this quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson (thanks Jordan and Micky) from Ulysses that says: “I am part of all that I have met”

I think what we have here, is a symbiotic relationship. To some extent the old girls and our school are extro-dinary because of our connection with one another.

Here’s to St Anne’s.”

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The Blue Note

22 October 2021

To our dear St Anne’s Family

There has been an exciting and emotional build-up to our matrics’ last few days of regular school which saw many occasions which form part of their rites of passage, and it was wonderful to share some of these with parents, staff, and pupils. The members of the Class of 2021 have been a joy and have led the school with maturity, responsibility, and dollops of humour for good measure. We wish them well as they write their exams and prepare for the next chapter of their lives.

On behalf of our community, I extend our gratitude to members of our parent and Old Girl bodies, who volunteered to represent these important stakeholders, in going through the drafts of our new Charter of Belonging and Code of Conduct this week. The time with these representatives was stimulating and constructive, and dare I say, surprisingly enjoyable! These documents will now go through another edit before being socialised and implemented at St Anne’s. Thank you so much to these volunteers who gave up time and offered their expertise so willingly. The collaborative process takes much longer but we feel that this is minor when weighed up against the benefits.

On another tack, just as our individual identity is important to us, so is St Anne’s’ identity important because it cannot be all things to all people. If one were to do a Google search, St Anne’s would not pop up if one typed in any of these words: State, co-educational, or boys’ school, primary or secular school. Our college is an independent, Anglican senior school for young women and these aspects have moulded the character of the school into what it is today as generations have passed through these gates.

The nature of our college is such that it is embracing of people of all or no faith, and all that is required of all staff and pupils, irrespective of their religious standpoint, is to show a respect for the Christian ethos of the school, in the same way as they should offer respect and dignity to all people, irrespective of who they may be.

We have an ideal platform to prioritise how we can empower and open doors for those who enter our classrooms and the curriculum we offer is one such area. There is a deliberate agenda on our part when we introduce subjects such as Economics, and continue to drive our six-year old laptop programme, and promote robotics and coding, as these areas delve into what used to be predominantly male domains. We look at our content and the examples and scenarios we use in subjects regularly to ensure that their relevance is inclusive and current.

We also promote character education and encourage qualities such as strength, courage, integrity, commitment and kindness as these characteristics will take our young women far. We continue to look at our co-curricular programme, to see if we should be dropping something to take on another sport or activity which may interest or give fresh opportunities which will extend and enhance the worlds of our pupils.

As a staff, we are here to nurture and educate young women who will go out into the world and make a significant impact. That is our goal. In this space, we champion the rights of women to be treated justly and equally and we prepare them actively for the world beyond.

The identity of St Anne’s is vital for the character of our college and families choose St Anne’s from many options. For most young women, they can find their niche here and receive an excellent, holistic education which will give them an ideal platform to propel them for life after school in the real world.

In this edition 12 of the Blue Note, you will read about the recent occasions held on campus, mostly to do with the last few days of our matrics, updates from Economics, Maths Olympiad results and so much more. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into some of the happenings which have kept us busy.

Warm regards to you all

Mrs Debbie Martin

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The Blue Note

17 September 2021

To our dear St Anne’s Family

There was such an excitement around our corridors as our matrics had their Ball last night and we were delighted that we could enjoy a semblance of normality and celebrate this significant rite of passage. These young women have been remarkable in how they have adapted to various Covid-induced challenges and they have done so with such grace, humour, charm and agility, and so it is especially fitting that they were blessed with a reduced lockdown level and could enjoy a special occasion in the beautifully decorated Indoor Centre. I told them in assembly yesterday that my husband had attended this same occasion with me forty years ago and so I hoped that they had chosen their partners carefully, as you never know…!

Where possible, we would appreciate your considering having your daughters vaccinated for Covid-19 this holiday.

I think the year has been a challenging one in whatever sphere one finds oneself, and many people are more mindful of the importance of holistic wellness. I feel encouraged that, as a school, we have made a lot of headway this year and there is a deeper sense of unity and spirit. I wish you a wonderful holiday with your precious daughters and I look forward to welcoming them back for the final term.

Warm regards

Mrs Debbie Martin

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The Blue Note


To our dear community of St Anne’s

The Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl for 2022 were announced to rapturous applause which warmed up a very icy Front Lawn! Our heartiest congratulations to Head Girl, Bahati Dakile, and Deputy Head Girl, Lucy Church. St Anne’s is in wonderful hands with these outstanding young women at the helm, and we look forward to their stepping up into these significant roles. Ofentje Motubatse and Zimasa Vezi have enjoyed a very successful year in which they have instilled a sense of stability and calm through their fine example of service, kindness, care and humour, and we appreciate their unwavering commitment and genuine sense of duty. It is with pride that they pass the baton of leadership to the promising combination of Bahati and Lucy who will lead St Anne’s on.

Both Bahati and Lucy have strong St Anne’s connections. Bahati is the daughter of Old Girl, Nonhlanhla (née Nsuntsha, Class of 1994) and her aunt and three cousins have been, or are currently, at St Anne’s. Lucy’s sister, Sarah, was Dux last year, and Lucy has also had four cousins attend St Anne’s. I am sure both families are brimming with pride as Bahati and Lucy step up. Another fun fact is that Bahati and Lucy have been friends since Grade 3 so they should know one another virtually as sisters which will make their leadership year a little easier and a lot more fun.

I spent a wonderful day with the Grade 9s on their Great Adventure. I was hoping that they would kidnap me for a little longer as it was special spending time with the six groups and hearing a few of their stories which will no doubt become increasingly exaggerated as they grow older! We laughed about how the storms they experienced will become typhoons and monsoons in the future! I was amazed that I did not hear one whine – even when a group had got ‘lost’ on a hike and walked far further than they should have. I was told emphatically, how, since managing the extended hike, they could handle anything the Great Adventure threw at them! When I asked another what she had found out about herself, she told me , “I’m actually quite gritty!” Some of the other common highlights expressed were: the beauty of the night sky, the tranquility, the fabulous food, the company, the talk on Spioenkop, the cycle, the paddle down the river, and getting to know new people and making deeper friendships.

I also spent some time with the Grade 11s at Tala Game Reserve. Our Grade 11s were the first school group to use the camp run by Mr Nathan Bam and it was a great success. They seemed to enjoy the privilege of walking through a game reserve and doing various activities with animals roaming contentedly in the distance, and their connection as a Grade was lovely to see as they relied on one another in different situations. When I peered over the cliff face to see the abseil the Grade 11s could do, I gasped at how high and rugged it was, and asked the instructor how many Grade 11s had managed it, and he smiled quizzically and answered, “Well, we ‘ve had two groups through so far and everyone has done it. It’s voluntary but these girls are wonderful!” I explained that I knew the ‘wonderful’ part very well, but hearing that they’d literally taken hold of their fear and ‘got a grip’ on that rope while flying down the cliff face was seriously impressive!

These camps are so important for the broad and meaningful education they provide. The thought, effort, and sacrifice which staff put in to ensure they run as well as they do, are so appreciated. The focus in this Blue Note is on the various camps, and there is some news about the Geography Olympiad results, some useful information about international study for those considering this, and a throwback article on the vocal ensemble. You are able to follow the links and enjoy the musical treat!

Enjoy the feast of reading!

Warm regards

Mrs Debbie Martin

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The Blue Note

17 JUNE 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians

Term 2 seemed to evaporate over night as we decided to give the option for our girls to leave early after two standard Covid tests for overseas travel came back positive and we realised that perhaps we had more asymptomatic cases among us and there was a real concern for girls wanting to travel home across borders. Thank you for altering your plans to accommodate us and I hope your daughters enjoy a wonderful holiday after a busy exam term for most.


It was disappointing for the cast of our major production, #OurStories, who had worked hard and could only stage two performances due to our early closure. This was a brave production as it was scripted internally from various people’s stories from our community and so was an authentic experience from beginning to end. There were heart-wrenching and poignant moments, interspersed with humorous touches and sobering comments. Warm congratulations to the cast who worked with commitment in creating such a well-crafted piece of theatre. It was a rare treat to walk into our beautiful theatre again and to be transported into so many people’s lives through the dramatisation. Our gratitude to the director, Lynn Chemaly, and her assistant, Marcus Henning, as well as Minthra Baijnath and Joslyn Anderson who stepped in when Lynn was badly injured in a bike accident.


With our girls away, we could not follow our Youth Day programme which we had planned with facilitated conversations with staff and girls in small groups for the morning, as well as activities celebrating our youth through music, drama and interhouse games in the afternoon, but I hope our girls were able to observe this important day while at home with you.

We have taken a collaborative approach with the drafting of our Code of Conduct and our Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Racism policies and our staff and girls will have the opportunity to read through these next term. After editing arising from this, these documents will be sent to our parents for their perusal. Our Board has also been involved in the process and will do the final signing off.

Focus Groups will be researching and making some proposals going forward, and all these groups will involve our staff, with some groups relying on input from pupils, parents and some Board members too. Transformation and Christian values underpin all these groups, and some of the areas on which there will be  a focus are: academics (curriculum, buildings, IEB, IT, structure of the school week), boarding (buildings, the experience and forward thinking), day boarders, leadership (staff & girls), wellness, relationship building, marketing and communication, entrepreneurship, recruitment and retention of staff, among others. Where innovative and firm proposals emerge, we will consider these as a school and then we will prioritise and action them over a planned period of time. There are so many excellent aspects to our school which need to remain intact, but there will be some areas which will be strengthened with careful thought and tweaking.


Next term is a significant one in many ways, and we hope sincerely that the traditional ‘Camp Week’ can take place. The Grade 8s venture to Nyala Pans, the Grade 9s go on Great Adventure, the Grade 10s will go to the St Lucia area, and the Grade 11s to Spirit of Adventure, after experiencing the World at Work which is helpful in highlighting various careers. Our matrics also prepare themselves to sit for Trials and we hope that they are able to sneak their Ball in on our break up day, 17 September. We postponed it again as we feel that we could be in the thick of Covid mid-July. The Grade 10s will hopefully be able to enjoy their Ball, and the Grade 11s their Formal Dinner and Dance, but again, we are at the mercy of regulations around Covid. Please note that the first weekend of Term 3 is a closed weekend which means all boarders need to stay in and day boarders are encouraged to attend the activities over the weekend.


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Sports Results

26 April 2022



Results from the league race hosted by Maritzburg College at Camps Drift

12 girls competed at the opening event on the 20th April. Well done to Hannah Bullock (2nd) and Jada Kruger (8th) on their top 10 finish.


13th      Kerryn Emmott

27th      Carla Hounsell

42nd      Casey MacLeod Henderson

43rd      Jessica Henderson


2nd       Hannah Bullock

8th        Jada Kruger

12th      Georgina Butcher

13th      Georgina Henderson

19th      Lucy Gilson

24th      Emma Teichmann

40th      Julia Hulse

44th      Jessica Oxenham


Results from the pre-season and holiday tours.

U14 – Roedean Autumn Festival

It was an awesome tour for the girls who did extremely well. They managed to score a number of field goals. They played seven matches, won four, lost 1 and drew two. They had an exciting end in the match against St Mary’s Waverly, and drew 3 – 3 in a 8 second shootout.

U14 Northcliff Won 8 – 0
Eldorainge Won 3 – 0
Kingsmead Won 4 – 0
St Andrews Drew 0 – 0
St Stithians Lost 0 – 1
DGC Won 2 – 0
St Mary’s Waverley Drew

(8 Seconds)

3 – 3


U16 – Bloemhof Tour

The U16 squad participated in the pre-season festivals hosted by Bloemhof in Stellenbosch. They played 8 matches and were able to win 3, draw 3 and lost 2 to finish 7th overall.

U16 Bloemhof Lost 0 – 1
Drosdy Won 3 – 1
St John’s Drew 0 – 0
Paarl Drew 0 – 0
Springfield Won 1 – 0
Hermanus Won 2 – 0
Collegiate Lost 0 – 3
DGC Drew 0 – 0

1st Team – St Mary’s Waverley Tour

The 1st team attended the annual prestigious hockey tournament hosted by St Mary’s Waverly.

They played a total of twelve, 25 minute matches during the event and were very unfortunate in some of their matches. Overall they were only able to win 3, draw 2 and lost the rest to finish 23rd overall.

1st St Andrews Won 1 – 0
Eunice Lost 0 – 5
Collegiate Lost 0 – 3
Kingsmead Drew 0 – 0
St Mary’s PTA Won 1 – 0
St Cyprians Lost 0 – 1
Paarl Draw 0 – 0
Fatima Lost 0 – 1
Affies Lost 0 – 1
Somerset College Lost 0 – 2
Windhoek Lost 0 – 1
Kingsmead Won 3 – 0

Results from the League matches played on Thursday 21st and Saturday 23rd April

TWC – The teams had a good start to the season in their fixture and were able to secure some impressive results. Eight teams were involved on the day, we won five, drew 1 and lost 1. Special mention to Sipha who made some exceptional saves in goals for the U14A.

1st TWC 1st Won 2 – 1
2nd TWC 2nd Won 2 – 0
U16A TWC U16A Won 1 – 0
U16B TWC U16B Won 4 – 0
U16C TWC U16C Lost 2 – 4
U14A TWC U14A Won 3 – 0
U14B TWC U14B Drew 0 – 0

Howick High – We hosted five teams from Howick High on Friday. We were able to continue the good start to produce some positive results and win all five of the matches.

1st Howick 1st Won 5 – 1
2nd Howick 2nd Won 10 – 0
U16A Howick U16A Won 1 – 0
U16B Howick U16B Won 10 – 0
U14A Howick U14A Won 4 – 0


Results from the pre-season and holiday tours.

U14 – Roedean Autumn Festival took place from the 24th – 27th March.

The team played 15 matches, won 10 and lost 5. It was an enjoyable and well run event. The girls gained from the experience.

U14 Collegiate GHS Lost 6 – 7
Eunice Won 11 – 6
Roedean A Lost 4 – 7
St Teresa’s Won 10 – 8
St Mary’s DSG Won 9 – 6
Assumption Won 20 – 0
Roedean B Won 13 – 3
St Mary’s Waverley Lost 5 – 8
St Andrews Won 9 – 6
Brescia House Won 10 – 2
Crawford Won 10 – 8
DGS Lost 14 – 19
Kingsmead Won 11 – 6
St Dominics Won 9 – 8
St Stithians Lost 17 – 21

1st Team – Epworth Tournament 25th – 27th March 2022

The team competed in seven matches during the round robin section, won 7, lost two and finished second in the pool. They played Reddam in the Semi- Final match and unfortunately lost 17 – 19. In the Bronze Final they were able to secure a 20 – 12 win against the GHS 2 team.

  Round Robin Section
1st Curro Hillcrest Lost 9 – 16
Epworth Won 11 – 10
Ashton 1 Lost 9 – 15
Ferrum Won 14 – 7
GHS 1 Won 16 – 13
Maris Stella Won 29 – 8
Semi – Final
Reddam Lost 17 – 19
Bronze Final
GHS 2 Won 20 – 12

1st Team – St Stithians Festival

The 1st team were involved in the annual St Stithians event hosted from the 12th – 16th April. They played seven matches, won 4, drew 1 and lost two. Unfortunately they had a slow start to the festival but improved as the event progressed.

1st DSG Grahamstown Lost 21 – 23
Fourways High Lost 9 – 17
Tholulwazi Won 32 – 7
St John’s DSG Drew 11 – 11
Springfield Convent Won 22 – 9
St Peter’s College Won 18 – 15
St Cyprian’s Won 17 – 13

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected for the uMgungundlovu District

U14:    Ana van Coller

U15:    Megan Lewis

Nakedi Mathopo

Keabetswe Matlala

Reratilwe Motubatse

U16:    Jorja Chubb

Sasha Kay

U17:    Lily Yeowart


Results from the league matches played on the 25th April.

It was a positive start for the five teams that were involved in their fixture against GHS. The girls did well to win four and draw one.

StA S1 GHS S1 Won 9 – 3
StA S2 GHS S2 Won 11 – 1
StA S3 GHS S Won 8 – 4
StA J1 GHS J2 Won 8 – 4
StA J2 GHS J1 Drew 6 – 6
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Sports Results

22 March 2022


On Friday, the 1st team and U14A, were involved in the final pool games. The U14B, U16B and 2nd teams competed in the final position play-off matches. The 2nd team, unfortunately lost 12 – 19 against GHS 2nds, to finish fourth. The 1st team and U14A won their remaining pool matches and should progress to the Gold/Silver medal matches next term.

Well done to the U14B and U16B who won their Gold/Silver medal matches against St John’s U14B and GHS U16B.

Team Opposition Result Score
Pool Matches
U14A St Mary’s 14A Won 21 – 8
1st TWC 1st Won 17 – 16
Carter 1st Won 20 – 4
Gold / Silver Final Medal Match
U14B St John’s 14B Won 21 – 1
U16B GHS 16B Won 18 – 11
Bronze Medal Match
2nd GHS 2nd Lost 12 – 19

Well done to Philippa Erskine who won the combined adult and junior Fédération Équestre Internationale 1 star class at Dolcoed and the 85 level junior class.

Result from the Greg Beling Festival
The 1st team flew down to East London to participate in the hockey festival hosted by Clarendon High. They played five games, lost 2, drew 2 and won 1. Overall It was a well-run and competitive event and the girls gained in the experience. Despite the some very strong opposition, the girls played really good hockey and progressed as the festival went on.

Team Opposition Result Score
1st Team Pearson Lost 0 – 2
Oranje Lost 1 – 7
Sasolburg Won 2 – 0
Clarendon Drew 2 – 2
Rhenish Drew 2 – 2

Result from the pre-season matches played against Treverton

On Wednesday seven teams were involved in a pre-season friendly against Treverton. It was a successful outing for all the teams, as they all won their matches convincingly.

Team Opposition Result Score
U14A Treverton Jnr 1 Won 26 – 1
U14B Treverton Jnr 1 Won 32 – 3
U15A Treverton Jnr 2 Won 28 – 0
U15B Treverton Jnr 2 Won 20 – 1
U16A Treverton 2nds Won 31 – 1
U16B/2nd Treverton 2nds Won 25 – 3
1st Treverton 1st Won 36 – 7

In the fixture on Thursday afternoon, five teams travelled to Ashton College to participate in another pre-season friendly. Well done to the U16A and 1st team on their wins. Special mention to the U16/2nd combined team for their effort in their fixture.

Team Opposition Result Score
U14A Ashton 14A Lost 5 – 19
U15A Ashton 15A Lost 10 – 13
U16A Ashton 16A Won 14 – 5
2nd Ashton 2nd Lost 8 – 30
1st Ashton 1st Won 23 – 19

Results from the KZN Junior Open that took place on Friday the 21st and Sunday 24th of March

This weekend saw the 2nd Annual Midlands Junior Open event taking place in an around Pietermaritzburg. Eight St Anne’s girls entered the tournament.

U14 section
Rutendo Munyawarara – 6th

Molly Barnes – 7th

U16 section

Ashley Upfold – 6th

Tana Roques – 14th

U19 section

Ellena Chemaly – 3rd

Amy-Lee Strydom – 5th

Lilly Steiner – 8th

Andiswa Msebeni-Welsford -12th

In the final matches of the season the St Anne’s 6th team played against TWC 3 and won 4 – 2.

This season we had seven teams compete in the league and at the respective divisions. Overall the teams did fairly well and in some instances managed to secure some pleasing results against higher ranked teams.

Congratulations to the following teams on their final positions

Lyle League

St A1   –           Winners

St A2   –           Incomplete matches – No Final ranking

Winnie B League

St A3   –           Joint Winners with St Johns 2

St A4   –           Joint 3rd with St John’s 3rd

Unfortunately lost in the cross play-off

Cousins C League (Pool 1)

St A6   –           4th

Cousins C League (Pool 2)

St A5   –           Winners

St A7   –           3rd

Well done to Grace Love, Nicole Bennett and Holly Hofmeyr who won all their singles matches in the league.

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