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The Old Girls’ Guild was founded on 29 August 1903 with the intention of linking together in good fellowship past and present pupils of St Anne’s… and uniting them in one body for a common cause, namely the highest welfare of the College.

Since then, the Guild has been invaluable in raising funds for College development as well as crucially, for bursaries to enable daughters of Old Girls to attend the school. The Old Girls’ Guild is a fundamental part of the fabric of our proud institution and since 1972, the strong link between the Old Girls’ Committee and the College Board has emphasised the role of the Guild.

The School Shop was started by the Old Girls’ Guild to sell second-hand school uniforms to raise money for the Old Girls’ Guild Bursary Award. Now there’s a lot more on offer – but its primary purpose remains ensuring that the daughters of Old Girls can attend our College.

Educating girls requires funding: should you wish to add a codicil to your will in favour of St Anne’s College Old Girls’ Guild or to make a donation, please contact the Old Girls’ Liaison for help in managing this process and claiming the tax deduction to which you will be entitled. Your financial generosity, no matter how small the sum, will make a tangible difference in the life of this College as we continue to build on the vision of our founders and the Church.

Please stay in touch with us by keeping the Old Girls’ Liaison informed of your achievements and successes, and by notifying us of changes of address and personal details. You can update your details on our website or by sending an email.

Email – keeping in touch couldn’t be easier.


2016 OGG Committee (1024x683)


Kari Greene (Chairperson), Claire Hoatson, Vicki Dillon, Jo James, Anne Chadwick, Rosie Drummond, Sue Whyte, Theresa Rattray (Vice Chairperson), Debbie Erskine, Angela Wolf

Absent: Jane Douglas


The Old Girls’ Guild Constitution 2018 AGM Minutes The Codicil Document, Donations and Bequests

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