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St Anne’s Old Girls are a talented and entrepreneurial bunch, having set up businesses across practically all market sectors, both locally, and on an international scale. Consider supporting your fellow oldies by exploring the many Old Girls’ businesses listed in this directory.

If you are an Old Girl who owns or partners in a business that you would like to see listed here, please contact the Old Girls Liaison on

Jacquie Castle Pty Ltd

Artist | Australia

Jacquie Castle

As a distinguished artist having exhibited at Everard Read Johannesburg, in The International Wildlife artist, I am now building my personal brand in Australia. I am launching my Out of Africa Collection, with leading publisher in Australia, Robyn Berkeley. Next ear I am studying at Jukian Ashton for oil painting and hope to do the Outback Collection in oil. 


Loukatblack CC

Artwork |

Louise Jackson (Black)

I sell original artworks as well as prints. These mainly consist of charcoal sketches of Southern African birds. I have also done a series of ink sketches of domestic cats, as well as charcoal sketches of ballerinas.


Art Gallery | Worldwide

Megan Dicks (Haw)

Otomys is an Online ART GALLERY with galleries in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Singapore representing Australian and international artists. Unframed works are shipped worldwide.

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