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Subjects On Offer

Accounting  class at school


  • Opens many career doors
  • Develops life skills to manage finances and resources
  • Budgeting is necessary in every career path
  • Understanding of the economy, the cost of debt and how to invest wisely
Girls with Afrikaans teacher


  • Offered as a first additional language
  • Language of Learning and Teaching
  • Emphasis on communication and conversation
  • Extensive vocabulary
  • Vital for communication and understanding in our multi-cultural society
Girls in consumer studies class


  • Life skill embracing technological advances
  • Develops knowledge, skills and values to become a responsible consumer
  • Possible career choices: BSc in Dietetics (with Physical Sciences), Fabric/Textile Design, Food Styling, Events Co-ordination, Lecturing &Teaching
Drama class for girls


  • Training for life, develops ability to work well with others
  • Communicate ideas confidently, understanding of humanity
  • Promotes a sense of commitment and concentration through interactive learning
  • Encourages creativity, insight and empathy
Girls studying English at school


  • Guide independent, critical thinking
  • Formulate, organise and express thoughts clearly, accurately and vividly
  • Language, Writing, Reading and Speaking skills
  • Olympiad, Douglas Livingstone Creative Writing Competition, Poetry Africa Competition, Inter-House public speaking competition
French class


  • Opens doors: official language of business in more than 25 African countries, official language of the United Nations, second language of the internet
  • Content-based subject, requires self-discipline and perseverance
  • Mastering abstract concepts and applying them practically
  • Primary objective to achieve communicative competence
An outdoor activity in Geography class


  • Master Statistical interpretation, Scientific Method, Information Technology, Spatial, Fieldwork and Problem solving
  • Natural & Human Environment, Geographical issues, People and their needs,
  • Geographical Skills and Techniques
  • Cognitive thinking, an enquiring mind and a concern for the well-being of the planet
  • Interest in different countries and cultures
A school History excursion to Isandlwana


  • Development from prehistoric times to sophisticated advanced nations
  • Dynamic subject being lived and made daily
  • Active investigation of the past
  • Analyse, debate and draw conclusions
  • Understand change and develop coping mechanisms
Girls in IT class


  • Compulsory subject from Form 2 to 5
  • Organisational Tools used to empower girls with competency and confidence
  • Life skills in device and software management
  • Responsible and ethical digital citizenship
  • Research and referencing skills: Compiling and synthesising information
  • Exposure to programmes and applications utilised across the curriculum
Girls learning Zulu


  • Create opportunities and open career doors
  • Freedom to interact with fellow South Africans
  • Understand, appreciate and respect cultural diversity
  • Emphasis mainly on communication and conversation
Life orientation class


  • Compulsory subject: the study of self in relation to others and society
  • Personal, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, motor and physical growth
  • Supports the development of balance and confidence
  • Encourage and assist coping with rapidly changing society
  • Addresses career decision-making
Science class for girls


  • The study of life in the changing natural and human-made environment
  • Includes the study of Biology, Physical Geography and Biotechnology
  • Relevant; guides personal responsibility toward the management of resources
  • Appreciate, compare and evaluate different scientific perspectives
  • Critical and scientific inquiry, reflection and problem-solving
  • Wide range of careers such as medicine, bioengineering, psychology, nursing, education, marine biology, environmental science, crop science and horticulture
Core Mathematics class


  • Enhance ability to think clearly, attention to detail
  • Manipulate complex ideas, develop logical reasoning and construct meaningful arguments
  • Problem solving, develop determination, perseverance, creativity and self-confidence
  • Consistent hard work and dedication key to enjoyment and success
  • Important for the understanding of science, engineering, technology and economics
Maths Literacy class


  • Mathematical tools creating aware and empowered citizens
  • Builds confidence to interaction with numbers in the real world
  • Focus on the use of simple, non-scientific mathematics to solve problems in complex real-life situations
  • Produce highly competent critical thinkers
  • Limits future study in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, commerce and accounting
Music class


  • Minimum requirement Grade 2 level achieved by the end of Form 3
  • Appeals particularly to those learning a musical instrument at the school
  • Music Theory, Harmony and Counterpoint; Improvisation, Arrangement, Composition; Music Technology; History Component
Physical Science lessons


  • Chemistry and Physics
  • Investigating and understanding various processes that occur around us
  • Considering impacts of Science on human societies and environment
  • Encourages logical and independent thought, ability to understand and apply concepts
  • Work effectively both alone and as part of a team


  • Creative and personal exploration
  • Develop new ways to respond to and interact with the world
  • History of Art (Visual Cultural Studies) and Practical Art
  • Requires dedication and discipline, enormously rewarding
Media centre - important for resources and guidance


  • Integral to the success of all subjects on offer and the heart of intellectual life at St Anne’s. Offers resources, skills and guidance.

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