St Annes

Outdoor Education

At St Anne’s, outdoor education is important; we value it as a means of challenging our girls spiritually, socially and physically. By persevering at difficult physical tasks as well as quietly reflecting afterwards, the girls are able to gain insight into their own strengths and weaknesses. They cherish the face-to-face communication with their peers, away from the pressures of technology and the school routine. Each Form has its own specific trip which focuses on the needs for that year.


In Form 2 the girls spend a few days in the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands at a formal school campsite where they engage in outdoor activities such as hiking and group challenges. This enables them to bond as a Form in their first year of high school and make new friends who may not be in their class or House.


The Form 3 girls undertake a much longer and more challenging outdoor programme called “The Great Adventure”. In this programme the girls are divided into smaller groups of about 16 and taken to the Spioenkop Dam and Nature Reserve area. They hike, cycle and canoe specific routes, while carrying their own belongings, including tents and food. The girls are fully prepared for the Adventure before they depart.


The Babanango Trip is a highlight for the Form 4 year and the girls are given a glimpse into the rich, vibrant Zulu culture. The dramatic unfolding of the Zulu wars is brought alive on the battlefields. At Babanango Valley the entire Form benefits from team building, a vital component for their interaction as a group of St Anne’s girls. The academic rigours of the classroom continue out in the bush where river, grass and ecosystem studies are pursued. Babanango Village is ideal for the geographers to view the “rainbow RDP Village”


The Form 5 girls are taken to Spirit of Adventure on the Shongweni Dam. There they participate in different outdoor activities such as abseiling, rock-climbing and hiking. These activities form part of the preparation for their leadership roles in Matric and help the girls gain insight into their own strengths and weaknesses.

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