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Girls boarding school lounge
Our media centre is a warm, spacious and well-stocked hub of our College. From early in the morning until after evening prep, as well as over weekends, girls and staff make use of our substantial resources for studying, researching or reading for enjoyment. The centre is equipped with 26 computers and plenty of work tables as well as a comfy leisure area furnished with sofas in which to curl up. The culture of reading has become a firm tradition at St Anne’s.


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This is our reading programme for Form 2. The girls are given an extensive list of suitable books from a range of genres. Certificates are awarded in assembly to girls after they have read a certain numbers of books and book talks given. The programme is run over a term and a bit. We complete the programme with a prize giving, awarding the girls who have read the most, the class who has read the most overall, and the girls who have benefitted most from the programme. The girls are always very excited for the launch of this programme, and getting chomping through their books from the get go!
Girls school media centre
Girls studying in the media centre at school
Girls boarding school lounge
Girls school media centre
Girls studying in the media centre


The YCA is our reading programme for Form 4. The head of the Media Centre – along with the English Department – does extensive research and selects approximately 20 books for this programme, which is run over a minimum of 16 weeks, covering a range of genres. The books are all newly published and, apart from the inclusion of at least one classic, are not yet available in the media centre. The girls are required to read at least eight of the books but are encouraged to read as many as possible. They must prepare a file with book reviews and discussion session notes, as well as design a book poster or book cover. A prize giving is held at the completion of the programme, with a variety of prizes handed out. There is always great anticipation before the YCA books are revealed, and every year several of the girls manage to make their way through all 20 books!
Heart-shaped Bruise book cover Heft book cover The Missing Rose book cover Never Fall Down book cover Out Of It book cover Playing With Matches book cover Tell The Wolves I'm Home book cover The Time Keeper book cover The Weight Of Water book cover Where Things Come Back book cover Yesterday book cover The Age Of Miracles book cover The Edge Of Nowhere book cover Endangered book cover Endings & Beginnings book cover Edith Wharton book cover The Fault In Our Stars book cover The Favored Queen book cover From Me To Me book cover The Great Gatsby book cover

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