St Annes

Parent Liaison Committee

The Parent Liaison Committee is a useful tool in keeping in touch with the activities at the school, and is a medium through which general matters can be discussed and parental interaction can be optimised. The Parents’ Liaison Committee consists of nominated parents who represent the parents of the area in which they live. The Committee meets with the College Head in Terms 1, 2 and 3. PLC GUIDELINES


  1. Promote and maintain close and positive links between parents and/or guardians of the pupils of the College.
  2. Provide an effective forum of communication between parents, the College executive and the Board in order to promote the best interests of the pupils.
  3. To assist in ensuring that the public image of the College is a positive one.
  4. To partner the staff in ensuring that the Mission of the College is successfully attained.
  5. To act as a focus group when the College needs parents’ perspective on a particular issue.


The contact details of current committee members can be accessed by parents in the Welcome Booklet which is saved in Resources on the College d6 Communicator.

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