The role of the St Anne’s Foundation is to maintain the standard of educational excellence, and to alleviate pressure on school fees, by covering financial assistance for girls to attend the College, as well as infrastructure for the College. The Foundation is an independent body of highly credible, diverse professionals, providing financial, intellectual and leadership skills to the school.

There is no greater joy in life than the gift of giving. When you give to the St Anne’s Foundation you can rest assured that your money is being put to great use. By giving, you become part of the remarkable story of excellence, a place grounded on Christian principles and that focuses on growing young, confident women. The Foundation relies on the generous donations of benefactors to grow its capital base, without whom the College wouldn’t be what it is today.

It is only because of the foresight of Mr Frank Jex, who created the idea of the Foundation in 1966, that the school has been able to maintain the outstanding facilities that the girls benefit from today. You too can become a part of the St Anne’s legacy by donating to the Foundation, thereby leaving your impact on young, dynamic women for decades to come.


The Foundation contributes to Financial Assistance, Transformation Trust and Capital Projects. A benefactor is able to contribute to any, or all, of these areas. Since the 1970’s, the Foundation has made a big impact on the school and has been responsible for the following:

Financial Assistance

Unlike many other schools, Financial Assistance is not awarded from the school fees paid by parents. Every year the Trustees agree to award a certain percentage of the income generated from the assets of the Foundation to the school, to cover financial support to girls that would otherwise not have the opportunity of going to the College. St Anne’s focuses on creating an excellent, balanced and globally relevant education for all girls irrespective of race or income level.

  • Over the past 11 years the Foundation has assisted 1027 girls to attend the College.
  • Over the past 20 years the Foundation has given R61 722 852 towards Financial Assistance.
Transformation Trust

In 2012 a specific Trust was registered to ensure that income generated from donated funds is used for the sole purpose of supporting and developing black people in the area of education. Those contributing to this Trust can receive B.B.B.E.E. points for their business scorecard. No less than

75.1% of the donations are used for educational purposes at the College and no more than 24.9% will be used to assist social responsibility initiatives that uplift the community.

Capital Projects

The Foundation provides the funding for capital projects, supporting the on-going expansion of St Anne’s exceptional facilities. All Foundation funds are invested with a reputable and highly credible Investment Management Firm. The Foundation has granted or loaned funds for the following capital projects in the last few years:

  • Drama Theatre
  • Upgraded Design and Technology Block
  • Squash courts
  • Upgrading various Boarding Houses
  • New swimming pool
  • Upgraded kitchen and dining room
  • Extension to the Chapel
  • Science Centre
  • Astro turf
  • Upgraded computer room/ IT Centre
  • Indoor sports centre
  • Theatre upgrade, movement studio, new STEPP Office and Design and Technology Classroom


There are many excellent reasons why you should donate to the Foundation. By doing this you will have an impact on young, dynamic women for decades to come – the 21st Century St Anne’s Old Girls making a difference in the world.

Credibility and transparency

Financials are prepared so all income and expenditure is transparent and accounted for.


Your donation goes directly to the cause you are passionate about.


B.B.B.E.E. rating

By donating to the Transformation Trust you gain B.E.E. points for your company.


Tax deduction

You will be issued with a Section 18A certificate.


Select your cause

Donations to the Foundation can be general or specific. If you are passionate about a specific cause you can request that your contribution goes toward a specific area, such as Financial Assistance, Transformation, or Capital Projects.


To make a donation or for more information on the College Foundation, please contact [email protected] or download a donation form below.