The Blue Note


Warm greetings to you all!

Joy! That is exactly the emotion I feel right now with our girls back and the wonderful familiarity of a ‘nearly normal’ school. It seems that being kept away from returning on the expected date this year, has made everyone far more appreciative and excited about being back, and there is an unmistakable vibrance in the air.

The smooth transition to online learning reinforced how fortunate we are that there was the foresight way back in 2016 to roll out the laptop program. This has ensured that each girl not only had access to a computer for online learning, but that she was also familiar with how to work effectively online with her teachers. When our girls leave here, this ease with technology has to be a distinct advantage and something even as simple as the speed of their typing, will assist them with their studies and in the workplace. What was also reinforced for me this week, is that the richness of the face-to-face classroom cannot be replaced by online learning. The happiness of teachers and girls to be back in the classroom was tangible, and even though one can try hard to build relationships online, it is just not the same as being in a dynamic classroom space together, and truthfully, so much of the joy of learning is embedded in the relationship which is enjoyed between the teacher and the student, rather than in the content of the subject.

The matrics were enthusiastic about welcoming the Grade 8s in on Sunday and looked so smart in their suits and new white scarves. The new girls seem to have settled in exceptionally well and reports about them have been so positive. There was excitement as they received their “cool” blue laptops and set about their two days of IT bootcamp.

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