Sports Results

27 April 2021


During the holidays Jorja Kinvig competed in the FEI Eventing show at Dolcoed. She was placed 3rd in the 75 cm pony Eventing class.

She was awarded 60 cm pony victor ludorum runner up for the KZN 2020 Eventing season


At the prestigious Easter show during the holiday, Emily Barker placed 6th in the speed one twenty round and 3rd in the championship one twenty round



Erin McCann competed at Senior Nationals during the break and achieved the following results.

  • Women 100m Backstroke             –           12th
  • Women 100m Freestyle             –           8th
  • Women 200m Individual Medley –           5th
  • Women 200m Backstroke –           5th



League results on Monday, 26th April vs St John’s

  • St Anne’s Friendly Snr vs St John’s Snr 2 won 10 – 2
  • St Anne’s Friendly Jnr vs St John’s Jnr 2 won 8 – 4