The Blue Note

25 MARCH 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians

Agility is a word that has become synonymous with this time of Covid-19, and in order to thrive, we are all needing to grow this attribute as we cannot do things ‘as they have always been done’ and have to plan anew within the restrictions placed on us. We are all refining our skills of being adaptable and of thinking on our feet. Over the last year, our staff and girls have really had to explore agility and sometimes there is a deep frustration and a sense of loss of the ‘old normal’ but there is clear proof of our community’s indomitable spirit and we are all acquiring dollops of resilience.

You will see evidence of agility in this edition as you read of adapted approaches, and I hope you enjoy the snapshots of some aspects of St Anne’s. There are articles about the importance of kindness, happenings in the Geography department, reflections from the Sports’ department, examples of our girls showing grit and compassion, and of making a difference.

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