The Blue Note

18 MAY 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians

As a school, we are tasked with preparing our girls for life beyond our school gates and so this means that they are given the edge on the academic front by being encouraged to work independently and to extend themselves, while being provided with excellent teaching and support. It also means that they should develop a sense of balance as they involve themselves in some co-curricular activities, while still finding time for prep, their family and friends, and themselves. They should also experience the opportunity of growing their spiritual side if they so wish.


At St Anne’s, we are able to create something of a protective bubble as we spend our days surrounded by a beautiful campus in quaint Hilton, and one can have a sense of being cocooned. While these cocooned-feelings of security are so comfortable and cosy, it is also our duty as a school to prepare our girls for the more stark, and harsher aspects of life so they are not thrown when they encounter controversial issues and some tough realities. They need to be well-informed, have developed some resilience, and be able to navigate precarious social and academic interactions with some self-confidence and EQ. These qualities help to build a healthy mental state which is crucial for our girls embarking on the journey of adulthood.


It is understandable that some parents may feel at times, that their daughters are exposed or challenged beyond their years, and we respect that opinion, and will endeavour to cocoon our girls appropriately, while also providing that nudge to venture out of the cocoon to learn more and to develop a growth mindset which will be such an asset in their lives. It is difficult to meet the expectations of all parents, as we  have differing views among us, but it is our intention to do our best to prepare our girls very well for life after school so they may hold their own with confidence and integrity in various situations, and in the company of diverse people and opinions.


If your daughter is struggling at any time, please encourage her to reach out to someone to whom she feels comfortable talking. We have an extensive care network at the College including our school leaders, peer and school counsellors, the chaplain, staff, Grade Heads, Housemothers, Deputy Heads and me – among others.


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