The Blue Note

17 FEBRUARY 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians

And in a blink of an eye, we are half way through Term 1! The staff and girls have really embraced being back in this busy, yet tranquil, environment and it has been lovely having the air filled with teenage voices. After a productive few weeks, I think everyone is looking forward to the half-term break. I’m sure those of you who have had your girls away as boarders for the first time, are especially excited to have them under your wings again for a few precious days!

It gives me pleasure to let you know that Karabo Che Mokoape, who is experienced in assisting schools similar to ours in their transformation and diversity programmes, will be guiding us for the next year. We are confident that this will be a constructive, effective process and we look forward to working with Durban-based Karabo. He will  engage closely with a representative group of staff and girls, as well as interacting with the whole student and staff body on occasion, and with parents and Old Girls. We are deeply committed to developing our ethos with which we can all be aligned and I will update you periodically in this regard. This is an exciting time for our college as we have the opportunity to grow it into an enriched, sustainable space and I trust we can rely on your ongoing support and interest as parents.

We have been able to run a fairly comprehensive sports programme this term, allowing for eight on campus activities, and three off campus. Credit to the members of the Sports’ Department who have tried hard to keep the girls healthy and fit. We are hopeful that we will be able to compete in non-contact fixtures after half-term, and tennis fixture discussions are already on the table. Plans for a revised format for the interhouse gala are underway and details of this will be communicated soon. The long distance races will be held on Monday 1 and 4 March, and the Championship races on Monday 8 March and Thursday 11 March.

The Matric class of 2020 had a challenging year on many fronts, and they showed impressive resilience and spirit. Another trying aspect for them this year has been the lengthy  wait for the release of their results which must have prolonged the anxiety! Their results will finally be made public on the 19 February and we look forward to being able to share these with you then.

I hope you enjoy this our third edition of The Blue Note in which you will find an array of articles on music, theatre and dance, History, Spirituality, French and the Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge.

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