The Blue Note

15 MARCH 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians

It is wonderful to witness the tentative signs of normal life creeping back into our co-curricular programme. Late on Friday, while taking a stroll through the verdant grounds, it was heartwarming to see Grades 8s and 9s alive with chatter as they were filling up the tennis courts, senior girls were having a lot of fun training for water polo, and the hockey astro was abuzz with activity. Groups of girls were relaxing on the lawns with friends, while some celebrated their birthdays. The music rooms were frenetic and tuneful,  while other girls scampered from one meeting to another. I was acutely aware of how special it is to see busyness all over our campus, and I wonder if we will ever take these signs for granted again?

The Board and the school management team, Steercom, and a few other staff members met for two days of strategic planning recently, prior to the regular  Board meeting. The fruitful discussions and presentations left us with brimming minds and restless sleep as the days were so stimulating! The facilitator is now preparing a summary of our key points, around which we will form focus groups with larger groups of people. Some of the areas we will look at closely are the ideal number of girls for St Anne’s, boarding houses, and aspects of academics, pastoral care, and co-curricular. It was encouraging to see the alignment in intention and purpose of all of those present and the desire to be proactive was very evident. We will continue with the focus on creating an environment that enhances the growth and happiness of all girls, and on the preparation of our girls in diverse areas to ensure as smooth a transition as possible into the global world they will be entering post St Anne’s.

A reminder that the Grade 12 Information and parent/teacher interview morning is on Friday 26 March. Matrics and their parents are invited for breakfast at 7.30 a.m. after which there will be an information session, followed by the interviews. Girls in Grades 8-11 may leave for the holiday on Thursday 25 March after final assembly at 15.00. or they may leave on Friday. The Pavilion bus will leave on Thursday and the Joburg bus on Friday.

In this Blue Note, you will find various articles, including a comprehensive look at the importance of studying French and becoming proficient in the language; some poetry written by girls who excelled in a poetry competition, and some relevant information particularly for Grade 12s and their parents. I hope you enjoy this edition.

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