The Blue Note

12 AUGUST 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians


The many protocols linked to, and legal implications of, the Covid-19 virus, have had a huge impact on our daily routine and term programme at St Anne’s. This has included practices previously taken for granted such as those relating to the pupils’ arrival at, and departure from, the College. Thank you for your general co-operation and patience as you have dealt with a plethora of new arrangements.

I cannot exaggerate the amount of thought and effort that is linked to the formulation of the routines linked to trying to ensure that that the safety of your daughters at St Anne’s is not compromised. The work load of most staff members has increased significantly and their commitment to the creation of an environment that allows us to meet our academic objectives for the year, is obvious. It will be very unfair if these efforts, particularly those of our cleaning staff, are negated because girls contravene lockdown regulations over Half Term. Social gatherings, as such, are prohibited in terms of lockdown regulations, and attendance of them by our girls is thus illegal and morally unacceptable. Please support the College by ensuring that your daughters do not put their own health and that of others at risk by engaging in unacceptable social activity. I hope that it will not be necessary to have to send any girls home to isolate as a result of poor decision-making this weekend.


With regard to specific arrangements for the collection of pupils this Thursday, please take note of the addendum to this letter. Parents of day boarders are requested to fetch their daughters from 10:45 onwards. This would assist in easing traffic congestion in front of the school without significantly compromising the half term break of those girls who do not have far to travel.


I request that parents set aside time this weekend to remind their daughters of the need to be circumspect about their general use of social media, and to remind them of the inappropriateness of, and possible consequences associated with, relaying information that is potentially untrue or defamatory.


Mr Chris Hornby, our Head of Information Digital Literacy, will be leaving St Anne’s at the end of the term to return to the corporate world. His post has been advertised, together with an Accounting and a part-time Mathematics post.


I am delighted that there is still a healthy demand for admission to St Anne’s, and indications are that we will commence 2021 with a full school. I remind parents that a term’s notice is required if you intend withdrawing your daughter from St Anne’s. It is certainly not my intention to encourage such withdrawals. However, if they are going to occur, I would appreciate being informed of such as soon as possible. This would allow us to offer places to a few of the applicants currently on our various waiting lists.


Congratulations to the following pupils who recently received their Gold Awards:

Erin Douglas, Hannah Mills and Zara Wood


I don’t recall seeing better English Olympiad results during my years at St Anne’s. Congratulations to the following girls, as well as their English teachers. Mrs Penny Peacock, who mentors the participants each year, deserves special mention.

Top 100 – Jennifer Connolly, Nandi Kukubo and Esme Thornhill-Davis

Top 20 – Jessica Pitout (20th), Natasha Stern (19th) and Lilitha Nkuhlu (9th)

Enjoy the Half Term!

Kind regards

David Arguile


“An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.”

Martin Luther King



Thursday – Parents are asked to enter the school either by the main entrance or the main exit gate from no earlier than 10am. A security officer and traffic marshals will monitor the incoming traffic and guide you down a lane accordingly. Parents may not leave their cars and are asked to wait in the allocated pick-up areas, for your daughter/s. It would help if you have made prior contact to arrange a time so that girls are ready and waiting. All vehicles must leave through the Church Lane gate.

Monday – Enter the school either by the main entrance or the main exit gate. A security officer will monitor the incoming traffic and guide you down a lane accordingly. No-one is to leave their vehicle, and drivers are asked to wait in the queue. Vehicles will move forward until they reach a screening officer. The girl/s will be checked whilst still in their vehicle. Please ensure that the student app is open and ready. Once cleared, she can leave the vehicle and continue on foot to her house. We suggest that girls travel light so that unloading time is kept to a minimum. Parents will then leave via the Church Lane gate. Drop-off time is from 5pm to 8pm.

Tuesday – The normal “Monday” drop-off procedure will be followed.