St Annes

Board of Governors

The St Anne’s Board of Governors is accountable for acting in the best interests of the College, in accordance with common law and statute, and in line with the College’s Mission. Board members, as a collective, are the guardians of the College’s human, financial and physical resources. Board members serve a five-year term whereafter they may offer themselves for re-election.


  • The Right Reverend Dino GabrielBishop of Natal / Visitor to the Board
  • Mrs Dumile Cele
  • Mrs Vicky DillonChairman Bursaries Sub-Committee
  • Mr Peter Ducasse
  • Adv Alastair Franklin
  • Dr Graham HerbertChairman Social & Ethics Sub-Committee
  • Mr Craig IrelandChairman Information Technology Sub-Committee
  • Mr Nick JonssonChairman of the Board
  • The Venerable Paul Mosdell
  • Mr Isaac Shongwe
  • Mr Charles TaylorChairman Campus Development Sub-Committee
  • Mr Andrew WallerChairman Finance Sub-Committee
  • Mr David ArguileCollege Head (In Attendance)
  • Mr Michael AcuttBusiness Manager (In Attendance)

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